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Employees welcome return to work

While many Britons fear the end of lockdown, research by Toluna and Harris Interactive shows that more than half (57%) of employees are either ‘enthusiastic’ or ‘relieved’ at the thought of returning to more ‘normal’ working arrangements.

Not that anyone is expecting ‘business as usual’. Among the 607 UK employees questioned, there was broad recognition that the workplaces people return to will be different to what existed before: 25% expect pressure to be much higher; 30% are expecting more redundancies; and 36% believe there will be salary, promotion or recruitment freezes.

Vijay Mistry, Head of Employee Experience Research for Harris Interactive and Toluna, said: “Employees recognise there will be major adjustments as businesses attempt to get back on track. In fact, employees expect they will have to work harder with fewer resources than before the pandemic. They also understand career opportunities and rewards will be limited by comparison, acknowledging their role in the recovery of the wider economy and future success of their employer.”

In return, employees expect employers to be more flexible, with 47% expecting to see improved home working arrangements and 51% anticipating increased flexibility around working hours.

They also want greater transparency and better communications: 41% want regular updates on the company (e.g. financial and performance updates) and 51% want regular team meetings.

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