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WORKPLACE: How To Win Friends And Influence Colleagues

The office remains vital for nurturing friendships and supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce, claims O.C. Tanner in its 2022 Global Culture Report.

In its study of 38,000 employees and executives in 21 countries around the world, 63% of UK respondents said they find it more challenging to form new friendships with colleagues when working remotely; 58% said that the office is where most of their new friendships are formed.

Nurturing a diverse and inclusive workforce is also easier when people are face-to-face, with 71% of U.K. workers admitting that it’s easier to make personal connections with other generations and people of different backgrounds and beliefs when working in an office environment. The same percentage value unplanned, spontaneous encounters with colleagues as a way of fostering workplace culture, collaboration and innovation.

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