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Work smarter with wireless scanners

Mobile technology is transforming the way people do business by enabling them to access documents and share information

Work smarter with wireless scanners
Work smarter with wireless scanners

anywhere, any time. This flexibility isn’t just of benefit to remote workers. Adam Richardson, Regional Marketing Manager at Kodak Alaris, argues that mobile platforms are also having an effect on how we work when in the office.

When we talk about mobility, it’s mostly from the perspective of how we can access company and client information when outside the office. Yet, as organisations strive to be more competitive and efficient, it is just as important to provide office-based staff with the flexibility to access documents as they move around the workplace.

One of the key findings in the Future of Scanning study published by InfoTrends last year is that 58% of external documents are received in paper form, indicating that there is still a critical requirement for scanning in the workplace.

Most organisations understand the importance of digitising information and the efficiencies to be gained by implementing electronic document management solutions. However, they are often slow to provide mobile access due to concerns about security and privacy, as well as technical and training issues.

Work smarter with wireless scanners
Work smarter with wireless scanners

These barriers can and should be overcome if we are to provide today’s workers with the technology they need to meet client demands and increase productivity.

Wireless technology

Smartphones and tablets have made it possible to work, collaborate and communicate effectively when away from the office. Now, the next wave of wireless technology is set to dramatically improve the way we work when in the office.

The traditional workplace is becoming increasingly mobile. Workers are no longer tied to one spot, but are free to perform a variety of tasks in different areas of the office, such as break-out zones, collaboration spaces and meeting rooms, using wireless and networked devices to access information when needed.

Kodak Alaris’ latest wireless and networked desktop scanners, the Kodak i1150WN and the Kodak i1190WN, are designed to support this style of working. They are app-ready out of the box and, unlike most wireless scanners that are intended for individual users, these new models are made to be shared by multiple users in an office. For ease of use, the control panel offers custom commands and colour-coded icons.

Seamless connectivity

Both the i1150WN and i1190WN provide seamless connectivity through the office network or over Wi-Fi and are equipped with standard drivers for easy integration with existing and legacy business applications.

This eliminates extra steps in the capture process and removes the need for complicated software installations, which helps to reduce IT costs. IT administrators have the ability to set security levels and, if necessary, can disable wireless or mobile access.

The ScanMate+ Mobile App lets users scan to a tablet or mobile phone and then share files via email or cloud-based applications such as SharePoint, Box or Evernote. Organisations that prefer to scan files and documents with a proprietary mobile app can integrate this with Kodak Alaris scanners using the web application programming interface (API).

Built-in image processing capabilities lower PC power requirements, making these scanners ideal for use with cloudor web-based capture applications, such as the Kodak Info Input Portfolio, which makes capture faster, smarter, more secure and more productive. Software integrators can integrate directly to the scanners using the web API.

There’s little doubt that enterprise mobility will continue to be a major productivity enabler as workers grow accustomed to accessing data in realtime and organisations incorporate smartphones and other connected devices into business processes. With these new desktop scanners, Kodak Alaris is helping organisations get mobile both in and out of the office.

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