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With Exeter named as one of the most likely cities to become a leading UK tech hub in 2021, Software Solved’s Managing Director Lindsay Lucas explores what the area has to offer

According to industry group Tech Nation, Exeter, Belfast and Dundee are the most likely cities to become leading UK tech hubs in 2021.

Tech Nation compiled figures on the ideal ratio of seed stage, early growth and late growth companies in UK cities, discovering it was best to have half the companies be at the earliest seed stage, a third at “early growth” and the remainder at “late-stage growth”, where they were raising significant amounts of cash.

Despite a year blighted by a pandemic and Brexit uncertainty, technology has been the key to survival for many businesses over the last year, driving innovation and for many- driving growth in the South West. The Exeter Tech eco system has come alive more than ever over the last 6 months, as people have reached out in different ways to connect, form partnerships and generally helping each other to build their businesses, however big or small.

Lindsay Lucas, Managing Director at Software Solved, explains: “The pandemic has attracted a lot of talent to the region. Many people have realised they can work from anywhere during the pandemic and they now place even more value on the outdoor space and access to coast and countryside. With connectivity improving all of the time, the rest of the country seem to have woken up to the fact there’s more to Devon than a good cream tea.

“There is so much entrepreneurial drive and passion here in the South West, with new ideas being encouraged and funded through Exeter-based organisations like SETsquared and Crowdcube among many others. In addition, established businesses are bringing new innovative products to market that will help businesses to really thrive and grow as we step forward into the next 12 months and beyond.

“Last year, as an outcome of the first lockdown we developed and launched a new live video streaming feature to expand our digital surveying tool SurveyorTech. This feature made remote surveying possible and meant travel restrictions were not a barrier to it continuing. It’s great to be able to use technology to positively impact and support businesses to continue to compete.

“The South West also has great organisations like ExIST and Tech South West, raising awareness of all the fantastic tech we have right here in the South West and not only that, but making sure as Tech businesses we stay connected to the next generation of talent as well.

“I’ve been working with Tech South West on their latest initiative to “put the T in STEMM” where we are bringing together the tech community and education space to really showcase the amazing careers available to young people here in the South West. As a company, Software Solved is passionate about helping students to fulfil their potential and even with the pandemic we are delighted to have been able to welcome three undergraduates to the company.

“The South West if full of innovative bright minds who are creating, building, designing and evolving tech in exciting new ways. Exeter has it all, coast, countryside, connectivity and talent, which allows tech companies to grow and thrive in a place with so much to offer, concluded Lucas.”

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