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Win a 3M privacy filter for your Apple iPhone

Business Info and 3M are giving away iPhone privacy filters to 50 lucky readers.

iPhone privacy filter

3M privacy filters are an essential accessory for mobile professionals that can help protect valuable company data from prying eyes. Micro-louvres within the filter ensure that a notebook or smartphone screen can only be read when viewed head on – anyone trying to read it from the side sees only a blank screen.

At a time of growing concern about data security and the risk of significantly higher fines when GDPR rules are implemented next year, 3M privacy screens help protect important data from visual hacking, whilst demonstrating a company’s commitment to the safeguarding of customer and corporate information.

3M privacy filters won’t just thwart shoulder surfers in cafés and on trains – four out of five mobile workers questioned by Ponemon Institute have caught strangers trying to read what’s on their screen. They also help prevent visual hacking within offices, whether planned or opportunistic.

Visual hacking
The need for privacy filters is clearly demonstrated by a recent Ponemon Institute experiment in which a white hat hacker posing as a temporary office worker roamed the offices of companies in eight countries on the look-out for valuable corporate data.

In 91% of instances, the hacker successfully stole sensitive information, such as confidential/classified documents and employee login credentials, by reading or photographing data displayed on a computer screen or by removing printed documents left on a desk or printer.

Just over half (52%) of the sensitive information collected was read from unprotected computer screens. Worryingly, the hacker went unchallenged in 68% of incidences, even when using a smartphone to capture a picture of someone’s screen

Privacy controls
To counter the security risks identified by the Ponemon Institute study, 3M is advising businesses to make better use of privacy controls, including password-protected screensavers, clean desk policies, shredding procedures and privacy screen filters. Where such measures were in place, there was a 26% reduction in successful hacks.

3M offers a broad range of privacy filters based on its micro-louvre technology, including models for desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. For more information about the range, please visit

Win a smartphone filter
For your chance to win one of 50 iPhone privacy filters being given away by Business Info and 3M, please email by July 10.

Use the subject line ‘3M Privacy Filter’ and don’t forget to include your name, company and contact details and whether you have an iPhone 6/6s/7 or an iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus/7 Plus. Names of the winners will be published in a future issue.

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