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Wider appeal

ACCO brands has updated its Nobo boards with a contemporary design inspired by modern technology


After unveiling a new Nobo logo earlier this year, ACCO brands is updating its whiteboards and noticeboards with a modern, minimalist design inspired by flat screen TVs.

It is also introducing a new 85-inch (diagonal) widescreen format, which will be available in multiple surfaces, including steel, felt and cork, from October.

The widescreen board boasts a new design featuring a contemporary, slim and unobtrusive frame that maximises the writing area and an integrated pen tray. This new aesthetic will be extended across the entire Nobo range of dry wipe boards early next year.

ACCO is backing up the new look with new accessories, from whiteboard markers to magnets, and quicker and easier installation. The InvisiMount mounting mechanism provides a sleek finish while making it easy for one person to attach a board securely to a wall.

Nobo is the leading brand in visual communications across Europe. Its whiteboards are available in a range of surfaces with varying degrees of erasability and durability. These range from premium Diamond Glass boards to the company’s market leading Nano Steel boards, which use Nano Clean technology to deliver a smooth surface and easy cleaning.

Acco points out that the greater the board’s erasability and durability (and price), the stronger the colour and contrast levels and the less residue that’s left on the writing surface after erasing, which can build up over time.

Take note
In addition to changes to its whiteboard range, ACCO is enhancing its felt and cork noticeboards with the new frame design, the new mounting system and a number of new colour options, including red, yellow and green felt.

As well as providing focus for the viewer, these bright, bold colours can brighten up an office and create a more positive and vibrant working environment.