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Why every business needs two internet connections

Nolan Braterman of Frontier Voice and Data explains why it pays to have back-up

How much money would your business lose if you lost all connectivity?

Connection to the internet has become an essential part of any business.

According to a recent survey, only 25% of those who were hit by internet outages last year were able to mitigate their down-time by undertaking tasks that did not require internet access.

Of course, there are various ways to get by when the internet fails. There’s the Costa down the road (other coffee shops are available) or tethering off your mobile data if you are lucky enough to have unlimited 4G.

But these are short-term solutions that won’t cut the mustard during major outages. Which is where a second internet connection comes in – the overall idea being that if your main service provider cuts out for whatever reason, your secondary connection is ready and waiting to take over.

First steps
In order to mitigate the chances and impact of an outage, businesses should carry out a number of simple actions:

1 Check that all your routers have been configured properly;

2 Check that you are using internet connectivity that is suitable for your business purposes (this tends to be a common pitfall for many businesses, many of which opt for residential connections as they are cheaper);

3 As your company grows, it’s vital that you carry out regular internal checks and audits to ensure all IT and telecommunication systems are able to deal with increased volumes and are safe from outages and cyber-attacks. You can review the scalability and resiliency of your systems by checking that your bandwidth is still suitable for the size of your business. If your business has grown beyond your bandwidth speed and size, then it’s time to upgrade – before it falls over!

4 Regularly review the market to see if there’s anything available that your business could benefit from. In a rapidly evolving industry there are always new features that can make working life easier and more protected.

Unfortunately, a connectivity issue will sometimes arise despite your (and/or your provider’s) best efforts. This is where the back-up connection comes into its own. Rather than wasting time moving to a temporary office space or rinsing your mobile data dry, a better option is to implement a backup internet connection. What may seem like another unnecessary expense today could save you a lot of stress and money in the long run.

Your options
Depending on the size of your business, there are a handful of solutions available to help your business battle a broken broadband connection:

1 A step up from your mobile phone data, a 4G router or MiFi device will connect to the 4G network in the event of an internet outage, meaning you can continue to carry out small tasks that require internet connection, such as taking PDQ payments and sending email. The cost of a device like this is around the £130 mark.

2 For businesses in which a large chunk of the workload depends on an internet connection, a second ADSL line is a more reliable option. Before taking this step it’s important to choose a different supplier to the one used for your main broadband connection, so that if your main service provider encounters a major issue, your secondary connection will be able to kick in.

Carry on as normal
With the cost of a second connection for a micro business starting at £12.95 per calendar month and the average cost of an outage reaching £1,287 in 2016, a secondary connection represents good value for money, especially as there are, on average, four outages per organisation per year.

New prospects and existing customers are key drivers in sustaining and growing your business. If neither can get through to you, will they call your competitors? By adding a second low-cost connection you can be confident that your business will carry on as normal in the event of an outage. The figures really do speak for themselves.

For more than 30 years, Frontier Voice and Data (FVD) has provided businesses with working, flexible, bespoke and price competitive communications solutions. FVD is an independent supplier and carries a comprehensive suite of business-grade products to suit any type or size of company.


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