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What does the future hold for leaders?

International recruiter PageGroup has identified four key trends that will impact business leadership in 2017 and beyond:

1 The rise of robots. Robotisation will reduce the number of jobs available to a human workforce. Future leaders will be expected to exploit the benefits of a human/machine intelligence combination and help staff stay relevant through training.

2 Mind matters. Work-life balance will become outmoded, as full work-life integration becomes the dominant model. Leaders will need to be aware of the potential pressures associated with constant work-based connectivity and prioritise mental health.

3 Leadership live. Social media sites will become leadership platforms to increase visibility in and out of work, so leaders will have to develop a more casual style of leadership, where interactions have to be (or, at least, appear to be) unscripted and genuine.

4 Entrepreneurial Endeavour. Big corporations will see a growing culture of intra-preneurialism and will retain talent by allowing employees to have time to pursue their own projects. Leadership styles must evolve to manage a more creative, independent workforce.

(source: The Future of Leadership: Robots, Remote Working and Real-Time Reactions)

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