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Wrist-worn wearables are not just good for one’s physical health; they also improve mental wellbeing. In a survey of wearable owners by Mintel, 72% said devices like fitness bands and sports watches had improved their physical health, with 71% admitting to exercising more since buying a device. More than half (55%) said that their mental health had also improved since using one of the popular gadgets. Andrew Moss, Technology Analyst at Mintel, said: “Wristworn technology began with a fitness focus and an emphasis on tracking speed, distance and calories, but now the technology has moved beyond these initial functions. While quantifying improvements in this area is difficult, Brits feel strongly that this technology can help improve their mental health. This perception is likely to be the result of an increased focus on physical health amongst device owners, as improvements here can have a knock-on effect on mental health and overall wellbeing. However, these devices also offer more concrete benefits by allowing users to track sleep and stress levels, and by supporting participation in mindfulness and calming exercises.” Mintel estimates that 4.2 million wrist-worn devices were sold in the UK in 2018. Just under one in five Brits (18%) now owns a fitness band/sports watch and 11% own a smartwatch.

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