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Wearable Technology Show 2018

The fifth Wearable Technology Show took place on March 13-14 at ExCeL London, where 100 exhibitors from more than 20 countries showcased the latest in wearables, AR, VR and IoT. Most of the products on show were aimed at the health, fitness and leisure industries, but there were also devices with interesting business and industrial applications.

Exhibitors showcased the latest wearables
Exhibitors showcased the latest wearables

Assisted Reality smart glasses

Toshiba took to the main stage to introduce its solution for hands-free working by front line and field-based workers in manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, maintenance, engineering and security.

Its platform combines the power of a portable, battery powered Windows 10 Pro PC (the dynaEdge DE-100); industrial grade Assisted Reality smart glasses (the AR100 Viewer) developed in partnership with Vuzix Corporation; and a variety of enterprise solutions offered through a partnership with wearable computing specialist Ubimax GmbH.

The AR100 Viewer incorporates a built-in camera, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS technologies. As well as connecting to the network and sending and receiving data, integration with Skype for Business allows wearers to share what they see with remote colleagues via images or live video.

Smart gloves

Smart glove
Smart glove

ProGlove showcased Mark, a smart glove that enables manufacturing and logistics staff to work faster, safer and easier. The glove features a barcode scanner, providing hands-free scanning of goods. This stops the repetitive action of picking up and putting down scanners and improves efficiency. The user receives instant confirmation via optical, acoustic or haptic feedback.

Back pain prevention

Laevo demonstrated an exoskeleton designed to tackle back pain caused by repetitive bending and/or lifting. Claimed to reduce the strain on one’s back by up to 50%, the exoskeleton can be worn like a coat and is easily adjusted to accommodate different body shapes and sizes. The support angle can also be changed to suit different tasks or switched off completely, for example when resting for brief periods.

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