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Wearable Tech Takes Over: Kansas Named the Wearable Capital of the US 


  • A new study reveals in the US identifies the top ten states with the highest percentage of people using wearable technology 
  • Kansas is the state with the highest percentage of wearable tech users, at 22.47% 
  • Overall, the usage of wearable technology has increased in recent years, with an average of 16.19% of people surveyed nationwide reporting that they use wearable tech

A new study has revealed America’s wearable tech capital, where the highest percentage of people use wearable technology.  

The study by digital security experts TechShielder analyzed data from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s Internet Use Survey to determine the usage of wearable tech such as fitness trackers and smartwatches across the US. 

The top ten states with the highest percentage of wearable tech users are: Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maryland, Illinois, North Dakota, Washington, D.C., Colorado, and New Hampshire. 

In Kansas, 22.47% of people report using wearable technology, making it the state with the highest percentage of users. Nebraska came in second with 21.06% of people using wearable tech, followed by Minnesota with 20.07%. 

In fourth place, 20% of people in Wisconsin use wearables, just ahead of and Maryland with 19.84%, while Illinois and North Dakota had 19.77% and 19.34%, respectively. 

Washington, D.C. came in eighth place with 19.30% of residents using wearable technology, followed by Colorado with 19.22%, and New Hampshire with 18.93%.  

The study found that overall, the usage of wearable technology has increased in recent years, with the newly released data showing that 16.19% of people surveyed nationwide in November 2021 use wearable tech, which equates to more than 50 million people. That percentage is up from 12.05% of Americans in November 2019, and 8.17% of the population in November 2017. 

At the other end of the scale, the states with the lowest adoption of wearable technology are New Mexico, where just 11.65% of people use it, New York (12.00%), Nevada (13.07%), Hawaii (13.27%), New Jersey (13.50%).  

In California, where smartwatch pioneer Apple is based, wearable tech is only used by 17.14% of the population, putting it in 21st place nationally. 

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson for TechShielder said: “It’s fascinating to see adoption levels of wearable technology across the country. These devices have the potential to improve people’s health and wellness, as well as making everyday life easier. The data reveals that some states are considerably more interested in using technology like smartwatches and fitness trackers, but overall the year on year trend is up and an increasingly significant number of people are using them across the country. It’s important for users to be aware of the potential security issues that come with wearing connected devices, and people should take steps to protect their personal information when using wearable tech.” 

The study was conducted by TechShielder, a platform that provides expert insight and analysis on internet security and digital privacy. 

State Percentage of people using wearable tech
Kansas 22.47%
Nebraska 21.06%
Minnesota 20.07%
Wisconsin 20.00%
Maryland 19.84%
Illinois 19.77%
North Dakota 19.34%
Washington, D.C. 19.30%
Colorado 19.22%
New Hampshire 18.93%
Ohio 18.70%
Idaho 18.39%
Utah 18.30%
South Dakota 18.15%
Washington 18.11%
Massachusetts 17.88%
Georgia 17.70%
Connecticut 17.60%
Iowa 17.39%
Indiana 17.24%
California 17.14%
Kentucky 16.98%
Delaware 16.95%
Alabama 16.72%
Maine 16.70%
Virginia 16.30%
Pennsylvania 16.24%
South Carolina 16.05%
Tennessee 16.01%
Arkansas 15.79%
Montana 15.69%
Missouri 15.55%
Arizona 15.19%
Wyoming 15.14%
Michigan 15.10%
Texas 14.77%
Oklahoma 14.72%
Vermont 14.64%
West Virginia 14.62%
Louisiana 14.52%
Oregon 14.52%
Mississippi 14.08%
Alaska 13.99%
Rhode Island 13.93%
North Carolina 13.77%
Florida 13.66%
New Jersey 13.50%
Hawaii 13.27%
Nevada 13.07%
New York 12.00%
New Mexico 11.65%


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