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WatchGuard Firebox speeds up network security

WatchGuard Technologies, has announced its new Firebox T70 network security appliance, which raises the bar for tabletop Unified Threat Management (UTM) performance. According to independent testing lab Miercom, the T70 delivers the fastest throughput available in the industry today, with speeds over 1 Gbps when operating in full UTM mode. This means that SMEs don’t have to compromise between network bandwidth and leveraging the UTM security services to protect their networks.

New WatchGuard T70 appliance sets new standards for performance
New WatchGuard T70 appliance sets new standards for performance

Miercom found that the T70 achieves over 1 Gbps throughput in full UTM mode, which is 52 percent higher than the average competitor appliance tested and 38 percent higher than the next competitor. So, even with today’s environment of heavy HTTPS traffic, network users and administrators will always get the full benefit of all WatchGuard security services.

Key features include:

Performance: Customers benefit from the highest speeds and performance levels available in a tabletop security appliance, with over 1 Gbps throughput with full UTM protection enabled.

Power over Ethernet (PoE): Using the two PoE+ ports to power peripheral devices, such as wireless access points, network administrators can extend the reach of their networks without having to run costly AC power to remote devices.

RapidDeploy: Centralised IT teams can use RapidDeploy to pre-configure appliances for quick and non-technical installations at distributed locations.

Full UTM Protection for Fibre Broadband: Organisations can benefit from fibre broadband services, such as Google Fiber, knowing the T70 can easily manage these expanding speeds.

Andrew Evers, Group IT Manager at Red Carnation Hotels, said: “The T70 provides the highest levels of performance and capability I’ve seen in such a small unit. I can now deploy the same enterprise-grade security services across our entire organisation, whether in a small office, or at larger sites. The T70 delivers a small footprint, allowing for a good amount of diversification and growth, before needing to trade-up. Ultimately, this solution represents a valued addition to the WatchGuard family because it hardens security, enables automation for my team and creates greater flexibility and enablement for my users.”

Dave Ashton, Sales Director at UK-based Sec-1, said: “The T70 is a great addition to the WatchGuard range and has been universally welcomed by the WatchGuard channel. It offers unmatched price / performance for our SME customers who want enterprise level security and performance at affordable prices.”

Rob Smithers, CEO, Miercom, said: “Overall, the WatchGuard Firebox T70 exhibited the best overall throughput performance of the competitive security appliances tested. In addition, while competitors’ performance was greatly reduced as more security functions and features were enabled, the WatchGuard Firebox T70’s continued to prove exceptional performance,”

Andrew Young, Vice President of Product Management at WatchGuard Technologies, said: “Organisations today require fast, reliable and secure internet connectivity, but are struggling to find network security solutions that can keep up with their ever-growing needs. This challenge is further exacerbated by the growing availability of fibre broadband around the world. The WatchGuard T70 is ideal for small and midsize businesses or distributed enterprises that need the highest performance available in a tabletop security appliance. The blazing fast performance of the T70 will make network slowdown concerns a thing of the past.”

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