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Voice recording accuracy

Olympus RecMic II Series

Editor’s Choice: Technology Reseller and Business Info

What we liked:
• suppresses background noise
• directional microphone
• plug & play
• compatible with software
• antimicrobial protection

Olympus RecMic II Series desktop dictation microphones are designed to deliver optimum results regardless of surrounding noise levels. Featuring a unique two-microphone system with flexible alignment and innovative noise cancelling technology, they help eliminate background noise for faster, more accurate transcriptions.

Olympus RM-4010P

No more noise
When a microphone is tuned to a wide range, it will capture all sounds without distinction, including other people’s voices, the sound of traffic or the hum of an air conditioner. Background noises can impair a recording and make transcription difficult, causing humans to skip unintelligible passages and speech recognition software to make mistakes.

The directional mic feature of the RecMic Series resolves this problem by providing the best speech recognition accuracy, even in noisy environments. When activated, it ensures the RecMic II focuses purely on the speaker and tunes out surrounding sounds. A triple-layer sound studio pop filter blocks unwanted noise, such as breathing and wind vibrations, while low-noise buttons and a smooth UV coating reduce operating noise.

Smart features
There are four plug and play models in the RecMic II Series: the RM-4010P and RM-4015P feature a push button trackball suitable for speech recognition; the RM- 4100S features a slide switch for classic dictation; and the RM-4110S has both a slide switch and a trackball that lets users control the mouse cursor during dictation for fast, easy navigation.

For easy operation, the dictation microphone boasts a number of smart features including a noise analyser that monitors the environment to check if noise levels are suitable for speech recognition and a sensor that detects the position of the device so that it can automatically select the right mode of operation.

For example, when the device is placed on a desk, the microphone is automatically muted to prevent unintentional recording. When picked up again, mute is deactivated. Similarly, the RecMic II detects when it has been placed in its stand and automatically switches to the wide directional microphone setting for hands-free dictation.

To meet the hygiene needs of users in medical and healthcare environments, the RecMic II Series has an antimicrobial and alcohol wipe resistant surface.

Speech recognition
Lee Buckley, EMEA Sales Manager at Olympus, says that since it was introduced, the RecMic II Series has won plaudits as an input device for speech recognition thanks to its excellent audio quality.

“Even compared to higher priced competitor products, results from dealer testing has proved the RM-II has the highest accuracy with Speech Recognition,” he said.

The RecMic II Series supports leading speech recognition software including Microsoft Windows Speech Recognition and Dragon by Nuance, for which it has the highest level of Dragon Certification. It is also available in a cost saving bundle with Dragon Professional software, which has proved very popular with Speech Recognition resellers.

Easy integration
Since introducing the RM-II Series, Olympus has released a new compatibility mode, which speeds up integration and improves compatibility with selected partners, whilst also increasing the number of potential integration partners across Europe.

The combination of the highest quality audio, superior recording and key integration features like support for HID keyboard mode, which ensures compatibility with any third-party application that can be controlled with regular keyboard shortcuts, makes the RM-II attractive for integration into partner systems, whether the microphone is used for speech recognition, clinical recordings within patient records, for example, or the simple dictation of files.

Buckley said: “Now that the RM-II range is integrated with almost all of the key integration partners, sales are increasing rapidly month by month. Dealers/partners like the advanced customisation features and the flexible settings of the RM-II microphones, which give the best quality recordings in a variety of environments.”

He added: “The attractive pricing to dealers and end-users alike means they can purchase a premium product without paying a premium price.”

Already, the RM-II has been selected as the product of choice for a number of major roll-outs in the UK.

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