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Visual showstopper for Charterhouse HQ

Charterhouse Holdings has produced an eye-catching display in its corporate headquarters and distribution centre using an Optoma EH504 projector and rear projection vinyl to display footage of its key brands on glass partition walls.

Founded in 1970, Charterhouse Holdings plc has two successful brands – Kustom Kit, a range of corporate, promotional and sportswear; and Xpres digital transfer systems for decorating and personalising clothing, promotional products and business gifts.

Daylight - EH504 on glass

It wanted a way to promote these products in its corporate headquarters that would grab the attention but not compromise the light and airy feel of the interior.

The solution Charterhouse Holdings hit upon was to install transparent rear projection vinyl onto the glass partition walls, turning them into a projection surface. Using a material with a transparency of 88% helps to maintain a light interior, but it does make it more difficult to achieve the desired image quality.

Kustom Kit Shirt Five Ways To Wear - EH504 on glass

Daniel Bruckshaw, IT Infrastructure Manager for Charterhouse Holdings, said: “We looked at using vinyl film with 50% transparency but we didn’t want to cover the glass partition wall too much and ruin the overall look of the room, but this did represent a real challenge for the projector in terms of the image quality and clarity.”

The model the company chose was an Optoma EH504 projector, featuring Full HD image quality and 5,000 lumens brightness. Bruckshaw is delighted with the results, praising the projector for its brightness and colour reproduction.


He said: “Expecting an 88% transparent surface to work well with any projector is a tough task, but the Optoma does the job perfectly. Colours aren’t washed out like other projectors. I don’t know of many products that would be able to give as good a result as this when there’s not much to ‘catch’ the image  and prevent bleed-through.”
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