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ViewSonic Introduces the New Pre-Assembled Solution Kit with Movable Flight Case for All-in-One Direct View LED Display

Delivering premium value with higher efficiency, mobility, and flexibility

ViewSonic Corp, is introducing a new pre-assembled solution kit with a movable flight case for its well-received All-in-One Direct View LED Display (108″ and 135″), a comprehensive solution that delivers premium value with higher efficiency, mobility, and flexibility. It can be moved easily and set up in less than 10 minutes, offering users short-term rental options and more diverse application scenarios at galleries, commercial events, exhibitions, and other sites.

“As an innovative and leading company in the industry, ViewSonic is constantly dedicated to providing cutting-edge LED technology and applications with a customer-orientated mindset and delivering great value for customers,” said Dean Tsai, Head of LED Display & Projector BU at ViewSonic. “In 2020, ViewSonic launched a new product line, All-in-One Direct View LED Display, which offered an integrated solution new to the industry and received positive feedback. To get more people to benefit from this innovative product, we are now introducing a new pre-assembled solution kit for the All-in-One Direct View LED Display, making it easier to move and set up, fulfilling more types of demand, and meeting diverse application scenarios.” supply, and control systems into one device, elevating the seamless viewing experience to the next level yet offering easy installation, operation, and maintenance. Its elegant and minimalistic design, with 35 mm ultra-slim ID and frameless edges of only 10 mm, comes in a wide range of large screen sizes – 108”, 135”, 163”, and 216”.

Easily Adapts to Various Scenarios

The newly introduced pre-assembled solution kit with a movable flight case is available in 108″ and 135″. The movable flight case packaging design allows it to be transported easily and securely from one venue to another. It is therefore a perfect solution for museums and art galleries that require the highest visual quality and flexibility to showcase artwork. It can also be used in the rental business for short-term commercial exhibitions and events to achieve fast installation and easy mobility. Additionally, it is suitable for workspaces as it naturally merges with surrounding environments such as lobbies, auditoriums, boardrooms, and conference rooms.

Always Ready for Instant Use

The entire solution kit – with LED modules, cabinets, system control box, and floor stand all pre- assembled – fits into a movable flight case. After being taken out of the flight case, the display can be moved and positioned freely with the stand’s 360° silent wheels and stabilised with push-button locking. The built-in, motorised floor stand allows height adjustment at a maximum range of 60 cm and up to 4 sets of height preference that can be saved for convenient recurring use.

About ViewSonic

Founded in California, ViewSonic is a leading global provider of visual solutions with a presence in over 100 cities around the world. As an innovator and visionary, ViewSonic is committed to providing comprehensive hardware and software solutions that include monitors, projectors, digital signage, ViewBoard interactive displays, and myViewBoard software ecosystem. With over 30 years of expertise in visual displays, ViewSonic has established a strong position for delivering innovative and reliable solutions for education, enterprise, consumer, and professional markets and helping customers “See the Difference”.

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