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Video plus content = engagement

Released to coincide with the launch of a new video creation tool, research from Prezi highlights the growing influence of video in the workplace

To coincide with the launch of Prezi Video (see below), visual communications company Prezi commissioned CensusWide Research to survey more than 2,000 UK office workers about their use of video in the workplace.

The resulting Future of Video at Work Index shows that while face-to-face communications is seen as the most effective method of engagement by 88% of workers, video is not far behind, with 66% saying they feel engaged when presented to remotely via video.

Video is an effective addition to presentations, as the ability to see a person rather than just hear them provides a ‘human connection’ that two thirds of UK workers consider to be important when sharing work-related information via conference calls.

In a clear endorsement of Prezi Video, the survey suggests that video is particularly effective when it is combined with content, such as graphics and/or presentation slides:

* 67% agreed they would learn more from a presentation delivered via a conferencing system if it included both visual content and video of the presenter;
* 66% said they would pay attention for longer if there was visual content in addition to video of the presenter; and
* 85% said they find presentations that show video of the presenter and visual content on the same screen more engaging.

Video at work Future of Video at Work Index highlights growing use of video at work, with 65% of UK office workers watching live video for professional purposes and nearly one third (32%) creating live video for work. One third report that video communications has improved their ability to get work done.

Not surprisingly, 61% said they would welcome the opportunity to learn or develop their video content creation skills if it was offered by their employer. Over half (58%) agreed that the ability to give presentations is important to their career growth.

Video presentations also have strong economic benefits. Taking account of factors such as the cost of travel, time saved and productivity improvements, respondents reported average annual cost savings of £41,422 through their use of video conferencing.

Cultural factors
The right technology and tools, such as Prezi Video, can help businesses improve the effectiveness of video presentations, but it is also important to address cultural factors and to train employees to maximise the potential benefits of remote meetings.

For example, nearly two thirds (61%) of respondents said their concentration levels are highest in video presentations that take place between 9:30am and 11:59am and lowest in ones that take place between 2:30pm and 5pm.

Training can also help overcome bad habits revealed by the report, such as turning video off so that others on a video call can’t see you (cited by 37%), eating food while participating in a video conference (30%); or wearing casual attire below the waist and formal clothing above (14%).

Founded in 2009 and with a community of 100 million users, Prezi provides a number of presentation products including the Prezi Next zoomable presentation platform; Prezi Video (see below) and Infogram for infographics and data visualisation.

Talking heads

Prezi has expanded its portfolio with a video creation tool that enables users to create news broadcast-like presentations combining talking heads and content (text, images, graphics, presentation slides).

According to Prezi, combining these elements on one screen delivers a more immersive experience that keeps audiences engaged for longer.

Creating video presentations with Prezi Video is easy, thanks to a choice of Prezi templates/presentations customisable with your own text, images and graphics. Once content ‘frames’ have been created and put in the correct order, all you have to do is record the accompanying video, using three buttons to toggle between displaying video-only, video and content or just content.

After previewing and approving the video presentation, you can either stream it live via a video conferencing or webinar app, post it on social media, share it as a link or download it and send it as an attachment.

Prezi Video can also be used to turn an existing PowerPoint slide deck into engaging video content. Just import the slides into Prezi Video, select the ones you want to use and, if necessary, add new text and images before either streaming them live or recording the accompanying video to send out later.