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Video conferencing in the frame with conservatory specialist

Ultraframe, a manufacturer of conservatory roofing systems, recently turned to Videonations to upgrade their collaboration equipment.

StarLeaf GT Mini 3330

Videonations recommended a StarLeaf GT Mini 3330 system which transforms any meeting room or huddle space into a complete video conferencing suite. Its powerful features bring together team members, customers and partners from all over the world to collaborate and discuss as easily as if they were in the same room.

The GT Mini 3330 is very easy to use and has quickly become a firm favourite at Ultraframe’s Lancashire headquarters. It provides exceptional high definition video and voice while guaranteeing a fully secure, encrypted, connection. It also provides unparalleled interoperability, allowing users to hold calls with anyone, anywhere, on any video or phone platform.

The installation followed a referral and recommendation from Ultraframe’s parent company Latium Enterprises Inc., where Videonations had installed a similar system back in 2017.

“We required a complete overhaul of our video conferencing experience and what we have now is a world away from our previous system,” Jason Hinson, Head of Information Systems and Programmes at Ultraframe, said.

“Regular conference meetings have been transformed and we can also easily communicate with Latium colleagues over in America especially on R&D projects. Everyone is working much closer together in an intuitive and seamless way without always having to be sat in the same room. It’s one of the best decisions we have made in terms of return on investment.”

“Regular conference meetings have been transformed”

Hinson continued: “Videonations also provided us with a Barco ClickShare wireless presentation system so anyone in the meeting room has the ability to mirror their content onto the screen. Users simply plug a USB-­‐powered device – the ClickShare Button – to their laptop, PC or MAC and at the click of a button the content from their device is displayed. It’s fantastic. There are no cables, no set-­‐up, and no waiting to join in. Also, content from iOS and Android-­‐powered mobile devices can be shown directly to the screen using the specialised apps, allowing guests to also participate.”

“We are now able to deliver a very professional video conference experience. There’s interaction within the business internally via StarLeaf -­‐ plus the ability to still have Skype for Business users on the call. There’s great flexibility for laptop users too with non-­‐office based personnel joining meetings much easier. The StarLeaf system is helping us further grow and develop our business.”