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Unified backup and recovery

Redstor unifies backup, instant data recovery and access and data migration through a secure, central console, enabling borderless visibility of Haberdashers’ entire data estate at any time and on any device.

This covers all five Haberdasher Monmouth schools: Monmouth School for Boys, founded by William Jones, a member of The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers, in 1613; Monmouth School for Girls; Monmouth School Girls’ Prep; Monmouth School Boys’ Prep; and Monmouth Schools Pre-Prep & Nursery.

Running on servers, laptops and workstations, with backup selections profiled from the management console, Redstor provides rapid and granular restore for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Google Classroom and SaaS applications.

Multiple copies of backups are held securely encrypted in UK data centres. The encryption key is set by the customer, ensuring no unauthorised access – a key consideration for schools that have to retain their last seven years of data, while ensuring that financial details and information on pupils are secure.

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