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TOP TIPS: shredding

Mark Harper, HSM Head of Sales UK&I – Office Technology, shares some simple shredding tips:

Mark Harper
Mark Harper

1 Shred Everything. The safest way to ensure that sensitive documents are not missed or overlooked is to insist that all paper documents are shredded as a matter of course. Best practice in this area is where there are no waste paper bins at all. If paper would normally go in the bin, it should be shredded.

2 Shred It Now. A good size cross-cut office shredder will shred a stack of 15-20 pages or more in a few seconds. Once shredded, the document is immediately rendered secure.

3 Shred Little & Often. Don’t have insecure piles of paper mounting up to be shredded. As soon as a document is no longer required, drop it in the nearest shredder. This is inherently more secure and prevents shredding from becoming an onerous, time-consuming task.

4 Bin Size. Nothing puts people off shredding more than finding that the bin is full – no one wants to be the one to empty it! Buy machines that will handle at least one day’s average shredding volume. That way you can get the cleaners to empty shredder bins at the end of the day as part of their routine.

5 Mobile Workers. Don’t forget mobile and home workers – they should have a home office shredder to keep their home office secure.

6 Clean Desks. Another good practice is to employ a clean desk policy. This will make your office look tidier and prevent sensitive documents from being left around.

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