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Top tips for work-life balance

Bhavin Turakhia, serial tech entrepreneur and founder of the enterprise messenger and productivity tool Flock, offers advice on how to stay productive during the working day and achieve that all important work-life balance.

Bhavin Turakhia
Bhavin Turakhia

Automate, automate, automate.
Go through your daily workload and identify areas where tasks can be automated. Any task that you have to do multiple times is ripe for some kind of automation. If you manage a team of people, for example, you may want to automate tasks such as creating employee timesheet reports or approving reimbursement claims. Those in a marketing role may want to automate the process of posting updates on social media or monitoring engagement. Deploying tools to do this can free up your time for tasks that require more thought.

Reduce email and get answers instantly.
We all know the dread of working through a full inbox, only to see the messages pile up again as tasks and decisions drag on endlessly. Tools such as instant messengers for business let you collaborate with co-workers and instantly get the answers you need to complete tasks.

Eliminate meetings.
Work meetings are one of the biggest drains on people’s time. Make sure you stick to an agenda and keep regular meetings to a maximum of 45 minutes. Modern tools that let you connect with multiple people/teams via messaging or video are another great time-saver.

Set up ‘concentration blocks’.
Mark out a block of time during the day, when your mind is at its sharpest, to work on your most important tasks. If possible, allocate two hours for this purpose. Put your messaging app on Do Not Disturb mode, so your co-workers know only to disturb you in an emergency. By focusing all your mental energy on the most important tasks without fear of distraction, you will be able to complete seemingly insurmountable tasks much easier than expected and tick them off your to-do list.

Find time in unexpected places.
There are moments during every day when we are idle, for example when sitting in the car or on a train. As many daily tasks can now be done in your work phone, this time can be used productively by downloading work programmes as apps. Even if you are the driver, you can listen to podcasts on important industry topics or use the time to achieve personal goals, for example by listening to a language learning podcast.