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Tipping point for cloud

UK businesses are taking a cloud-first approach to business software, with 57% now
choosing the cloud over on-premises solutions for new business applications.

The 2016 Cloud Computing Tipping Point report by ServiceNow reveals that 76% of mid to
senior level managers expect to complete the shift to cloud computing within two years.
It adds that IT departments will have to adapt to this new reality, as 97% of UK companies that
have already moved to a cloud-first model report that their existing IT staff lacked the skillsets
required to make the transition.

Bob Moore, ServiceNow’s UK area vice president, said: “The cloud-frst enterprise is at the heart
of enabling the agility, speed and scalability to break new ground in today’s competitive business
landscape. There is a clear shift from traditional data center computing to cloud computing, but it’s
one with far-reaching implications – a shift away from focusing resources, skills and budgets on the
back-end infrastructure to creating a truly service-oriented enterprise,”

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