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Time to adopt the LOTUS position says Fellowes

Business products manufacturer Fellowes, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, has launched its next generation Sit-Stand Workstation to help improve wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.

Sit-stand desking
Sit-stand desking

With 22 different height settings and integral cable management, the LOTUS sit-stand work surface encourages staff to alternate between sitting and standing positions, with no loss of productivity. The LOTUS arrives fully assembled and no mounting is required.

In an independent survey commissioned by Fellowes, 94% of European office workers admitted to sitting at their desks for long periods. One in three says they suffer from ailments caused by computer use. Of these, 60% claim their performance has been either significantly or moderately affected as a result.

Retro-fit workstations like LOTUS are a cost-effective alternative for businesses that might not have the budget to buy purpose-built sit-stand desks, though even these appear to be in hot demand.

Research by project and cost management consultancy TowerEight indicates that in the last year demand for standing desks has grown by more than 20% – a trend that has also been noted by Mark Shepherd of the Wagstaff Group.

He said: “Any major UK project we work on now has a big focus on incorporating more sit/stand products, together with the need to accommodate more third space break-out areas. This is an interesting modification in a client’s wish list that we were not seeing three years ago.”

He added: “Sit/stand desks will quickly become a commodity-type product and, along with break-out areas, will take a large amount of the project value in cash. The demand is clearly there, although price is still a key inhibiting factor.”

That said, Shepherd expects prices to fall as demand grows and more suppliers enter the market.

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