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The UK leads the way in Europe’s list of Zoom Towns, showing the highest levels of growth in remote and hybrid roles

New data from Zoom and Indeed places four UK towns and cities in the top 10 European hiring hotspots for remote workers, based on countries with available data

Worthing has topped the list of Zoom Towns in Europe, according to data aggregated by recruitment platform Indeed in collaboration with Zoom.

Using its own recruitment data, Indeed has worked with Zoom to identify the locations across the UK, France and Germany that have seen the most significant growth in remote and hybrid job opportunities, analysing the difference in postings between February 2020, prior to the pandemic, and September 2022. This comes following an earlier analysis from March 2022, which found that the vast increase in remote and hybrid roles available had helped to drive new opportunities across the country.

Worthing, in Sussex, continues to lead the way as the UK’s top Zoom Town, with a 715% growth in remote roles available compared to February 2020, the month before the pandemic.

Not only does Worthing hold the top spot in the UK, but it also stands as the number one Zoom Town in Europe based on countries with available data, ahead of Brest, a city in northwestern France, and Chemnitz, in eastern Germany. Four UK towns and cities feature in the European top 10, as well as four from France, and two from Germany. The findings have been brought to life with map visualisations for the UK, France and Germany from location specialist HERE Technologies.

London also leads the charge as the capital city with the most growth in remote and hybrid roles available, at 177%. However, despite this growth on pre-pandemic levels, the city falls behind when looking at the proportion of roles that are offered as remote. 23% of all roles available in Berlin are remote, compared to 12% each in London and Paris.

Top 10 European Zoom Towns

Town/City Country Growth in job postings offering remote working (Feb 20-September 22) Rank
Worthing UK 715% 1
Brest France 668% 2
Montreuil France 425% 3
Chatham UK 376% 4
Burnley UK 376% 5
Saint-Etienne France 363% 6
Stoke UK 329% 7
Rennes France 323% 8
Chemnitz Germany 304% 9
Mönchengladbach Germany 295% 10

In the UK, Chatham, Kent, has also seen a significant increase, going from rank 27 in the list of Zoom Towns into second place with a 376% growth, and Basildon, Essex, has moved from rank 49 to fifth place with an increase of 291%. Plymouth continues to hold its place in the top 10 with a growth of 278%, demonstrating a strong showing from the South of England in pioneering remote and hybrid working.

Towns and cities in the North of England also continue to feature heavily. Burnley and Stoke take third and fourth place, with a 376% and 329% growth respectively. Doncaster has also risen from rank 30 to ninth place, increasing to 256%. The variety of locations featured on the list from all corners of the country demonstrates a link between greater flexibility and the UK Government’s Levelling Up agenda, which aims to spread opportunity and prosperity more evenly around the nation.

“When we first analysed the UK’s top Zoom Towns in March this year, we were living and working in an entirely different landscape, with lockdown rules having just been relaxed and issues like the cost of living less prevalent,” comments Phil Perry, Head of UK & EMEA North at Zoom. “The world has changed and the challenges we face are evolving. But businesses continue to see the value in remote and hybrid working in order to drive new opportunities while reducing operational costs and attracting and retaining talent. The UK has the potential to be a global leader in hybrid working, and its strong showing amongst other European countries validates this. Harnessing the technologies to enable this will help organisations offer flexibility to maintain employee productivity whilst encouraging the economic benefits remote and hybrid working can provide.”

“Remote and hybrid work continues to help businesses attract a greater pool of talent, free of necessary proximity to major cities, something that is especially important as hiring challenges persist across industries”, said Pawel Adrjan, Director, EMEA Economic Research at Indeed. “The increased availability of these remote and hybrid options is also important for employees who, with greater freedom to decide their geographical location, gain the flexibility to help navigate the rising cost of living. Moreover, offering an improved work-life balance means employers benefit from a happier, more productive team. Not only is increased flexibility a boost for employees but it allows employers to build stronger workforces.”

Top 10 UK Zoom Towns

Rank Town/City Growth in job postings offering remote working (Feb 20-Sept 22) Previous rank & growth figure (up to March 22)
1 Worthing 715% 1 (650%)
2 Chatham 376% 27 (212%)
3 Burnley 376% 2 (391%)
4 Stoke 329% 3 (323%)
5 Basildon 291% 49 (152%)
6 Plymouth 278% 6 (308%)
7 Bristol 269% 8 (298%)
8 Leeds 257% 10 (289%)
9 Doncaster 256% 30 (203%)
10 Northampton 251% 11 (285%)


In collaboration with Zoom, Indeed has aggregated recruitment data from the listed job adverts on its platform to identify the locations across the UK, France and Germany that have seen the most significant growth in remote and hybrid working opportunities between February 2020 and October 2022. Postings are classified as open to remote work if the job title or description includes terms like “remote work”, “telecommute”, “work from home”, or similar terms, or if the location is explicitly listed as remote.

In the UK, postings are aggregated by Primary Urban Area (PUA) — a measure of the built-up area of a city — based on the location of the job. In France, postings are aggregated from the 40 largest cities (by population). In Germany, postings are aggregated from the 30 largest cities (by population) and the state capitals (=Landeshauptstädte) if they are not already among the 30 largest cities.

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