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The top British office distractions

Half of office workers in the UK admit they are unproductive for up to an hour every day, resulting in the loss of more than 21 million working days every month, according to the Fellowes Productivity in the UK report. Two thirds of those questioned believe a four-day week would make them more productive. Only half think their office has a positive impact on productivity, with over two thirds (40%) believing that working from home or remotely would help them with their workload.

The study reveals the top British office
distractions to be:
1. Chatting with colleagues (77%)
2. Tea breaks (60%)
3. Browsing the internet (47%)
4. IT problems (42%)
5. Colleagues’ bad habits (30%)
6. Being too hot (37%)
7. Uncomfortable workstations (25%)
8. Uncomfortable chairs (25%)

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