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The perils of working from home

Working from home has never looked so chaotic or cute since Professor Robert E Kelly was interrupted by his two young children during a live broadcast with BBC News – voted one of the best TV moments of 2017.

Managing to keep his cool while his wife rushed to retrieve their offspring, the charming clash between home and work has been shared millions of times across the world.

But it seems being video bombed at your desk by your offspring could be the least of your worries when it comes to trying to be professional in a domestic setting.

The Aerodesk features a LightBar

There are many more annoying pitfalls to working from home according to a new survey by Aerodesk, the ultimate multi-device desk.

Homeworkers say being asked to take deliveries by neighbours, unannounced visitors dropping in and daytime television were among the most annoying distractions.

The survey also revealed that being expected to take care of domestic chores by partners out at work or cover emergency childcare were also annoying pitfalls of working from home.

Asked about other things which impacted on the ability to feel professional homeworkers admitted that the temptation to stay in pyjamas, or work with a laptop sitting on the sofa or even while still in bed often had an effect on productivity and efficiency. Listening to loud music and getting caught up in social media posts were also said to be potential distractions.

Aerodesk designer John Tomalin-Reeves said his design had been inspired by a need for a piece of office furniture which was more health-conscious for workers, appealed to the device generation and looked good in various settings including home.

He added that working from home needed clear boundaries and a designated desk area did just that.

“The unexpected may happen such as Professor Kelly’s children gatecrashing his live interview but it’s rare and a lot more amusing than the more daily pitfalls of working from home,” said John who won plaudits for overhauling the First Class lounge at Heathrow’s T5.

“Our survey revealed several more mundane but also more annoying distractions and pitfalls of working from home. And there was certainly a common theme and that was the tendency for people to treat working space at home less seriously that they would a more official office.

“Whether that is neighbours asking homeworkers to take in deliveries or even the homeworker themselves not establishing a productive environment in which to work we often perceive those who are not in a corporate office as having less to do or being more able to juggle it with domestic chores during the 9-5 day.”

John offered his tips to ensure tip-top productivity throughout the day:

He said: “It’s easy to get distracted from the job in hand so my advice would be to ditch the irritants and focus on producing the best you can, and start by creating a formal working space and if possible formal working hours.

“It doesn’t matter where it is in the house but it needs to be a quiet corner not shared with any other domestic purpose even if that is only your desk and chair.

“Turn the TV off during working hours, keep any music quiet and in the background and get yourself dressed. Basically, if you wouldn’t do it in the office, don’t do it while working from home.

“A clean and tidy work place is essential to ensuring you produce the best work and making sure you utilise your working time in the most efficient manner. It’s okay to refuse to take deliveries and say “now is not a good time” to impromptu visitors and refuse to put the washing out.

“Feel free to remind friends and family regularly that during those hours you are at work and not at home despite the joint setting for both parts of your life.”

The wireless Aerodesk houses an in-built plug socket, USB port, Bluetooth speaker and Qi charger, while the top-of-the-range model features a DuPont Corian top.

Its most revolutionary feature is a LightBar which can recreate daylight through its 5500 Kelvin frequency, as well as utilising the entire colour spectrum to increase energy and productivity levels.

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