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The office coffee conundrum solved

Imagine being able to get a big, delicious cup of Starbucks coffee from your office kitchen instead of having to wait til lunchtime or end of the day for your favourite caffeine hit? You need to get with Keurig…

Facilities or senior management need to provide a better quality of coffee to their increasingly discerning company staff
Facilities or senior management need to provide a better quality of coffee to their increasingly discerning company staff

We have become a nation of coffee fanatics. In the UK we drink approximately 70 million cups of it every day.  This obsession with the bean in all its many and varied serving forms obviously isn’t news given the plethora of coffee shops that now populate every high street.

The latest research from Mintel reveals that one-in-five coffee drinkers are drinking instant coffee only once a day, and for people in their 20s this figure is even less.

Apparently we are now a generation of coffee fusspots, accustomed to the finer taste of freshly brewed coffee, which generally, once tasted, puts you off the instant variety permanently.  It therefore explains why around a third of people leave work to buy a coffee elsewhere because they think the quality is better than that provided in their workplace, and two thirds of UK consumers buy coffee or hot drinks out of home, which reflects the UK’s growing café culture.

Unsurprisingly, research also shows coffee pods are seeing enormous growth with one in five UK consumers apparently now owning a coffee pod machine. They like the convenience of only making a single serving and cafetières are therefore being used less frequently.

So, question: Where does that leave the provision of tea and coffee in the office?  Answer: Facilities or senior management need to provide a better quality of coffee to their increasingly discerning company staff, and their visitors, to keep everyone happy!  The simple and easy solution is to go down the route of pod machines which are designed for a business environment. These are ideal for producing a perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee every time with no hassle, effort, expertise or training; in other words, no faffing about and no mess. And the key here is that the range of pod machines available are most definitely NOT all the same.

Trust the Americans to do things differently. It’s very continental to have a small expresso cup which is what most pod machines offer, but most of us want a large cup or mug on our desk when we work and Keurig, North America’s No 1 single cup brand, provide machines which can accommodate different cup sizes at the press of a button, can be plumbed in or free standing with large water reservoirs, (ideal to put in a board or meeting room or a location for waiting visitors), and offer an enormous range of different coffee blends, as well as Twinings teas, infusions and hot chocolate. It makes serving a hot drink as easy as 1..2..3. whether you want an expresso or a giant mug.

As Steve Stagg of Keurig UK, comments: “As word gets around about the convenience of these brewing machines, facilities and office management are waking up to the offer: low cost, simple to use, low maintenance, and reliability. A system like Keurig provides freshly brewed filter coffee from brands like Starbucks and Barista Prima Coffeehouse, fine teas from Twinings, and hot chocolate as well, so everyone can have the drink they love, that’s quick, and easy to prepare. That kind of variety, paired with speed and ease of use, is ideal for the office or most types of business situation. The management that offers a freshly made, first class hot drink, in no time at all, will keep their staff happy and visitors impressed with their refreshment provision. We’ve made it our mission to provide quality drinks through the Keurig system, simply, and consistently perfect every time”

Although a household name in the U.S. and Canada, Keurig haven’t been here in the UK very long but are already making their mark and can be found in branches of one of the leading high street banks, perhaps when you need refreshment over a conversation about your account, they are rolling out in golf club ProShops nationwide as a PGA official supplier, and are finding their way into gyms, offices and retail sites – everywhere a cup of quality coffee moment is appreciated.

These simple machines make coffee creativity ideal; Summer has finally reached us … so we’ve heard stories of staff getting creative in their lunch breaks…. imagine a frappachino or iced coffee made with a delicious Keurig vanilla or hazelnut flavoured coffee pod, just at the touch of a button with the cold milk and additives of the individuals choice from the fridge. Or go further, what about the latest craze from America’s east coast? Coffee Soda (expresso topped up in a long glass with ice and chilled soda or sparkling water). Be even more creative and pop in a slice of orange, or some cinnamon, sugar or syrup added to individual taste…or the ultimate, for those who are either workaholics who need to keep going, or those who have trouble getting themselves going in the first place…an iced Cola Coffee: Coke or Pepsi + Expresso + Ice. Make sure the cola goes in first and the coffee last (for the best effect). Once you’ve had one, you can come up with your establishment’s own name for it. Your staff will love it all… and they’ll be in the office and back to work in no time, instead of creeping off out for their caffeine indulgence!

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