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The Month in Numbers



Only one fifth of the UK public (20%) has trust and confidence in companies and organisations that collect and store their personal information, an ICO survey shows. British adults also have very little idea how their personal data is used, with only one in ten (10%) saying they have a good understanding of what businesses and organisations do with it.

The majority of drone users in the UK (31%) are aged 55 and over, compared to just one in ten (10%) who are aged 18-24. Those aged 45-54 are the next most likely to own a drone (28%), followed by 35-44 year olds (19%). Two thirds (68%) of those who have started droning in the past 12 months cite photography as the reason they took up the hobby. [Source: Drone Usage Report 2017,]

Two fifths (40%) of millennials say that management actively discourages the asking of questions in the workplace. In a study by SurveyMonkey, 33% of millennials cited a ‘fear of looking stupid’ as the biggest barrier to being inquisitive at work, followed by a ‘fear of others’ reactions’ (28%). Over one fifth (22%) say they never get proper answers to their questions.

More than half of UK adults (54%) believe UK businesses should be required to give a percentage of their annual profits to charity by law, claims social development charity the Greg Secker Foundation. Its research reveals that 43% of consumers would have a more positive opinion of a business that gave 5% of its annual profits to charity. One in five (20%) would choose that company over competitors and 17% would recommend it to friends/family.

Six in ten UK adults (62%) wish they were better organised, a survey by Avery UK reveals. Almost three quarters (72%) describe themselves as messy. More than a third (36%) say they can’t cope when mess becomes too much to deal with and 63% only feel on top of things if their items are in the right place. When it comes to the workplace, two thirds would like their surroundings to be tidier.

Three quarters (74%) of workers admit to using personal technology to access work documents. In a survey of 2,000 UK workers commissioned by IT provider, 52% said they access their work emails on an unsecure personal device, such as a mobile phone or laptop. More than a third (35%) keep work documents on gadgets that aren’t password protected.

More than nine in ten CIOs (92%) believe that the IT education provided by colleges, universities and technical schools doesn’t meet the demands of the employment market, according to research from recruitment specialist Robert Half Technology UK. Nearly six in ten (59%) believe IT security is the number one area IT educators should focus on, followed by digitisation (23%), business intelligence (20%) and software/application development (18%).

The average UK small business is now worth £90,000, down from £94,000 in 2016. Analysis by online business transfer agent Bizdaq shows that the fall is much greater in London, where the average value of a small business went down by £20,000, from £115,000 in 2016 to £95,000 in 2017.

A study by Fujitsu shows that in the last two years, 42% of UK businesses have cancelled a digital transformation project at an average cost of £483,690 per cancelled project. Almost three quarters (73%) of business leaders admit to a clear lack of digital skills within their organisation; 87% say attracting digitally native staff will be vital to their success in the next three years.

26 billion
Business people waste an average of 15 minutes per conference call simply getting started or dealing with distractions, at a cost of over £26 billion a year, claims LoopUp. Dial-in conferencing remains the primary way business people participate in conference calls (61%), regardless of whether they have access to web or video conferencing tools. Only half (53%) believe video conferencing is useful for day-to-day conference calls and only 12% feel as comfortable on video calls as they do on audio calls.

[Source: Enterprise Conferencing: User Behaviour & Impact Report, LoopUp]

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