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The finer details

ColorPainter E-64S

Editor’s Choice: PrintIT Reseller

What we liked:
• easy to use
• cost-effective
• superior image quality
• handles a wide range of media
• intelligent features

The ColorPainter E-64s, a new addition to the renowned ColorPainter family of professional printers, opens up new revenuestreams for print businesses and sets new standards in high-quality, largeformat printing for signage, graphics and interior decoration businesses.

High performance
The 64-inch ColorPainter E-64s, based on the same technology as the successful M-64s and the H3-104s, provides premium performance, high levels of precision and ease-of-use, while fully supporting entry level, environmentally-friendly printing. Competitively priced, it gives commercial print businesses an affordable entry to wide-format printing.

Like other OKI premium printers, the ColorPainter E-64s uses high viscosity SX inks that deliver exceptional colour density and detail, with readable fonts as small as 2 points. Because SX ink is odourless, there is no need for an extraction system.

The printer can handle a wide range of media, with impressive results achieved whether printing on back- or front-lit materials, technical textiles, wallpaper, canvas, hard PVC, banner, vinyl and many other types of media. Suitable both for high-quality indoor and extra-durable outdoor applications, the ColorPainter E-64s opens up a range of commercial possibilities.

Smart technology
Innovative technologies borrowed from higher-end models ensure optimal results, including Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP), which uses different drop sizes to provide superior image quality, and Smart Pass 4 (SP4) technology, which reduces overspray and eliminates pass-to-pass banding.

Smart Nozzle Mapping 3 (SNM3) technology improves reliability by identifying and replacing clogged nozzles without impacting print speed or quality, while the Safe Scanning System extends the lifetime of the printhead and constantly checks media for wrinkles.

Other useful features include automatic printer adjustments using optical colour sensors; an Air Flow System with a built-in heater to dry ink fast; and CP Manager Software, which allows users to monitor and operate the printer from a PC. For printing indoors, where electro-static materials are often used, an optional ionizer supports outstanding print output.

The ColorPainter E-64s is manufactured to the highest standards and comes with a 2-year warranty on hardware and printheads, without nozzle shot or production restrictions.

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