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The end of the commute

After months of frustration for commuters, with strikes, faults, delays and rising prices, over half (58%) of workers are making plans to work remotely, claims Regus.

Richard Morris, UK CEO, Regus
Richard Morris, UK CEO, Regus

Richard Morris, UK CEO of Regus, said: “Our survey tells us that workers are no longer willing to accept the stress and expense of the commute and are looking at flexible working solutions that enable them to gain time back, work nearer to home and enhance productivity.

“Whilst working flexibly won’t be a fit for every type of job, there are millions of people across the UK for whom this more agile approach to the working day makes perfect sense. With over half of all workers thinking this way, 2017 looks set to herald the beginning of the end for the out-dated, costly and time consuming journey to one fixed place of work.”


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