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The Emotet botnet, once of the world’s most dangerous malware, has returned and is being installed onto Windows machines

We have Adam Meyers, SVP of Intelligence at Crowdstrike, on hand to react to the news.

Adam Meyers said:

CrowdStrike Intelligence confirms the return of Emotet malware as reported publicly by media. Emotet is currently being distributed via TrickBot, which we associate with the eCrime adversary group: WIZARD SPIDER. As we suspected, the dismantling of the Emotet network by Europol in January 2021 only had a temporary effect. WIZARD SPIDER, is a sophisticated eCrime group whose arsenal also includes malware such as Ryuk, Conti, and Cobalt Strike. The takeover of Emotet by WIZARD SPIDER impressively shows how resilient the eCrime milieu has become by now.



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