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The elegant Snom D7C expansion module brings colour to communication

Modern IP desk phones often score points thanks to practical features which enable smoother communication. However, many vital features are only visible in a limited way. Not so with the powerful D7C expansion module for the Snom D717, D735, D765 and D785 IP desk phones. Here, users have everything to hand – customised and clearly presented on a large colour display.

Who hasn’t experienced it? You’ve just set up a conference call or call redirection and have to quickly contact many different contacts at the touch of a button – at the same time, the list of practical features for productive, flexible working keeps getting longer. To ensure these functions are available, and that the user doesn’t have to laboriously search for them by various key combinations, Snom presents the D7C expansion module – a practical tool for modern day-to-day communication.

Connected simply via the USB port of the Snom phone – the synchronisation is automatic – the completely revised successor to the D7 module offers 16 freely programmable multicolour LED buttons on three virtual pages. Whether it is speed dial, conference call, voicemail or call diversion, everything is clearly organised and immediately available on the high resolution 6.8” (17.2 cm) TFT-colour display. The keys are assigned intuitively and quickly set up. Even visually, the practical extension for use with the D717, D735, D765 and D785 IP desk phones, which can be folded at an angle of 46 or 28°, is a real eye catcher, with its large colour screen and a user interface adapted to its modern design.

If that wasn’t enough, one or two more D7Cs can also be added. The use of up to three D7C models is possible at all times – ideal for smaller switchboards.

The Snom D7C is already integrated into firmware release 10.1.64 (released at the end of November), and will be available from January 2021 at a recommended retail price of approx. €160.00.

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