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The creative, all-rounder STABILO SENSOR

The STABILO SENSOR is the creative all-rounder. The SENSOR F-tip can be used for detailed diagrams or precise drawings, the new fineliner in the STABILO SENSOR family is an untiring tool for school, uni or the office. Available in an array of colours that are suited for anything; green, red, blue, light green, black, turquoise, pink and lilac will add a splash of colour to your work. With its robust, metal-clad F-tip, the pen can withstand high writing pressure and will draw precise lines and shapes tirelessly without breaking or bending. Thanks to the integrated cushioning, it reliably guarantees a pleasant writing experience – even over long periods of time. If a smoother writing sensation is more your writing style, then the STABILO SENSOR M-tip is for you. The fineliner has a cushioned M-tip with a 0.7mm wide line making it ideal for creative work such as hand-lettering and doodling. Available in the same explosive eight colours; green, red, blue, light green, black, turquoise, pink and lilac, you will be set for your creative days at work or at home.

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