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Tayla’s Secret Santa Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching and with it the workplace Christmas party and Secret Santa. It can be difficult finding the perfect present for a colleague you may not know well. So here to help you are a few suggestions. All for under £25.

1 Helix Star Wars Office Stationery Set… £24.99

Star Wars fans will love these office stationery sets from Maped Helix. On the Light side, the Rebellion gift set includes a Millennium Falcon hole punch, an R2D2 stapler and X-Wing fighter-themed scissors. On the Dark side, the Imperial set includes Stormtrooper Scissors, a Darth Vader Stapler and a Darth Vader TIE advanced fighter-themed hole punch.

2 Under The Desk Dual Headphone Hanger… £13.59

Equally useful for the very messy, who struggle to find things amidst all their clutter, and the very tidy, who like to maintain a clear desk policy at all times, this aluminium hanger is the perfect place to store a headset. It fixes to the underside of a desk using the supplied 3M adhesive tape and can hold two headsets.

3 FIDO U2F Security Key by Yubico… £18

This two-factor authentication security key is the ideal present for someone who worries about getting hacked. It plugs into a USB port and, at the press of a button, authenticates the user for services such as Google, Facebook and Dropbox. Hackers can’t get into the user’s accounts, because even if they have the right passwords, they still need the physical device for access.

4 KeepCup… from £10

The KeepCup reusable cup is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper cups for the coffee-lovers on your team. Designed to be handed to the barista when you order your morning shot, the KeepCup comes in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz versions in a variety of colours. There’s a design for everyone (even Star fans!).

5 LIFE ELIXIRS Clarity & Sleep Wellbeing Duo… £22


We all work with someone who could benefit from these miniature bath and shower elixirs. Clarity is claimed to sharpen concentration through an invigorating blend of bitter orange, cardamom and ginger, while Sleep is specially formulated to encourage deep sleep through a relaxing blend of patchouli, elemi and palmarosa.

6 One-cup teaiere… £20

Like a cafetiere, but for loose leaf tea, this teapot makes just the right amount of tea for one cup. Because tea leaves are not left stewing, they do not become bitter and can be re-used when you fancy a second cup. The one-cup ‘teaiere’ is made from durable, dishwasher-safe borosilicate glass and incorporates a 100% filter for a clear infusion.

7 Quiet Rebellion Christmas socks…from £12 a pair

Perfect for colleagues with hidden depths – or secret lives – Quiet Rebellion socks look professional on the outside, but inside are anything but. Hidden inside the shoe, these outwardly sober socks feature a variety of vibrant, colourful designs including festive stag, penguin and polar bear prints. Quiet Rebellion socks are made from luxury combed-cotton with hand-linked seams and reinforced heels and are available in pairs or packs of three, six, twelve or eighteen.

8 Investment in solar from TRINE…from £25

TRINE is the place to go for a gift that keeps giving. The crowdfunding platform funds a variety of solar energy projects in Africa, giving businesses and consumers in off-grid areas access to clean, renewable energy. This Christmas, why not buy a gift card for a minimum of €25 that your Secret Santa nominee can invest in the solar campaign of their choice. Once a campaign is fully funded, TRINE loans the money to its solar partner in Africa, which buys and installs the solar panels and collects micro-payments from users. If and when the loan is repaid, investors get their money back plus a return of up to 6% that they can withdraw or reinvest.

9 Sheaffer Calligraphy pen…£8.99

Encourage creative co-workers to join the growing calligraphy trend with a calligraphy pen set from Sheaffer. Sheaffer’s new look Calligraphy Pens are available with a pink, green or blue body and are perfect for writing cards.





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