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Tayla Ansell tries out a Varidesk sit-stand platform

The Varidesk sits on top of an existing desk and uses a spring-assisted lift mechanism to raise the monitor, keyboard and mouse to a standing height. It comes fully assembled and is available in a variety of sizes.

Varidesk sit-stand
Varidesk sit-stand

I tested a Varidesk Pro Plus 36, which is designed to accommodate dual-monitors and can support up to 15.8kg in weight. With a price tag of £365, this is one of the cheaper sit-stand solutions on the market. It is not as flexible as desks with a counterbalance mechanism or electronic height adjustability, and the distance between the two decks (one for the monitor and one for the mouse/keyboard) is fixed, which is a limitation.

Another potential drawback is that when the Pro Plus 36 is raised, it also moves outwards so that you have to step back to work in a standing position. This could be a problem for workers with little room behind to back into. There is also a slight risk of trapping cables when raising and lowering the Varidesk, though this can be avoided by taking care and using the pack of velcro cable tidies supplied with the product.

These quibbles aside, the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is solidly built and feels reasonably sturdy when fully extended. Best of all, it is highly effective and has done wonders for my circulation. Before installing the Varidesk, my legs would become very painful after a day spent sitting down. Now that I work standing up for 20 minutes in every hour, all pain has gone. I never thought that simply standing up to work would produce such a noticeable and rapid improvement in my well-being.

The Varidesk might not be as stylish, minimalist or adjustable as more expensive products, but it does the job for me. After experiencing the benefits of sit-stand working, I would urge everyone else to give it a go.

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