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TalkTalk Business’ best-ever router is ready to help UK businesses bounce-back

TalkTalk Business has experienced a 30% rise in video use and bandwidth demand through the pandemic, as businesses shifted to working remotely

To further boost productivity, TalkTalk Business has launched its best-ever Business Wi-Fi Hub, supporting businesses as they adapt and transform to the new norms

With gigabit speeds and support for 50 devices, the new Business Wi-Fi Hub provides superfast, dependable wireless connectivity for modern, cloud-focused organisations

TalkTalk Business has launched its best-ever router, enabling businesses to reinvigorate their operations and continue their growth strategies, thanks to faster, more reliable wireless connectivity that improves productivity and network efficiency.

Through COVID-19, the UK economy has relied heavily on internet connectivity and online retail to keep UK businesses operational. The TalkTalk Business Fibre network handled a 30% increase in demand for internet and video, as businesses shifted to remote working and e-commerce, as well as a 10% jump in voice traffic.

To support this shift in business demands, TalkTalk Business has launched its best-ever Wi-Fi Hub – designed for businesses who need high-performing connectivity. Optimised for TalkTalk Business’ Superfast, Fibre network, the award-winning Wi-Fi Hub is capable of 1 Gbps wireless connectivity, while MU-MIMO beamforming minimises signal interference and ensures reliable connections.

“As businesses turn their focus to how they bounce back, strong Fibre connectivity has never been as important. Our Wi-Fi Hub will be a significant enhancement to UK digital transformation strategies and increasing business productivity. We’ve been working incredibly hard to help keep UK businesses operational, providing round the clock support for our customers and facilitating unparalleled increases in bandwidth demand.
Jon Nowell, Director – Small Business, TalkTalk Business

As businesses acclimatise to the norms of remote-working, their office infrastructure needs to support bandwidth-hungry video calling and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications that are now indispensable. The new Business Wi-Fi Hub supports 50 simultaneously connected devices, allowing operations to collaborate with crystal-clear video and audio conferencing while safeguarding the responsiveness of SaaS products such as Microsoft 365, Slack and Salesforce.

“Our new TalkTalk Business Wi-Fi hub is perfect for businesses looking to optimise their network performance and put their operation in the best position for economic recovery as businesses adapt to their new norms of working.”
Lee Hull, Managing Director, TalkTalk Business

The new Business Wi-Fi Hub comes as standard with our all-new TalkTalk Business Fibre connectivity packages. To find out more, visit

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