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Taking a stand on workplace wellbeing

These days it’s not uncommon for the average desk-based worker to spend over half their waking day sitting down – that’s close to nine hours. This, often unintentional, sedentary habit is an emerging health and productivity issue that affects employers and employees alike, and as a result, people are becoming less healthy from something as seemingly benign as – sitting at work.


Referred to by many as ‘sitting disease,’ it has caught the attention of health authorities the world over, being positively linked to a higher incidence of Type 2 Diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, cancer and even premature mortality.
But there are a range of simple and effective steps many of us can adopt to minimise the risks of a sedentary approach to our working day.

The simplest way is to increase low-level activity. Essentially, in the business world, this means reduce sitting time and stand up more frequently. It is easily to alternate between sitting and standing by assigning certain tasks to one posture or another. For example, when the phone rings, take the call standing, or conduct brief meetings standing up. Research shows even small amounts of low-level activity can have a big impact on health and performance.

As the importance of integrating movement into increasingly sedentary lifestyles becomes more apparent to both companies and individuals, there has been tremendous growth in the adoption of sit-to-stand workstations.

Ergotron, Inc., is a leader in the sit-stand movement and global provider of ergonomic work and lifestyle products. The WorkFit-T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation, is part of Ergotron’s sit-stand solutions.

It sits on top of the desk without mounting or clamping, making it easily movable from one work area to another. The unit accommodates single or dual monitor configurations (riser accessories sold separately), and offers a generous work surface with a keyboard tray and mouse area that moves in tandem with the work surface.

The lift system design enables straight up and down movement, without the need to arc the work surface away from the desk’s edge when transitioning from sit-to-stand positions. This helps to minimise the product’s intrusiveness into the user’s work area.

Investing in sit-stand workstations is a proven way to break up sedentary workstyle and invigorate a worker’s day. A move workers are interested in making, a recent survey indicated 84% of workers would rather sit or stand as they please. The WorkFit-T is one means to get the workforce in motion.

The WorkFit-T is available through IT resellers and online etailers throughout the UK. For more information, visit or call +44 (0) 870 756 0260.

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