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Technology lifecycle management provider 3stepIT is calling on businesses to stop buying IT outright and to adopt a more flexible technology lifecycle management approach instead. 

Its appeal follows research showing that the number of devices per employee has gone up by 14% during the pandemic, from 2.1 to 2.4, with 81% of businesses purchasing more devices to support the transition to remote working. 

A survey of 955 European business decision-makers for the company’s Stop Buying IT report also found that 52% of businesses still buy IT outright, even though 77% use flexible acquisition models for the procurement of cars and printers. 

Carmen Ene, CEO of 3stepIT & BNP Paribas 3 Step IT, said: “The traditional cash purchase model is placing a huge burden on businesses. Investment in new technology requires massive upfront capital expenditure and significant time, while considerable resources need to be ploughed into sourcing new equipment, managing and disposing of it, often through a complex web of suppliers and systems.” 

She added: “We’re calling on businesses to Stop Buying IT outright and to start benefiting from the better cash flow, flexibility, efficiency and security that a technology lifecycle management solution can provide.” 

3stepIT claims that its end-to-end approach to acquiring, managing and refreshing IT devices, as well as being cost-efficient and convenient, can help organisations improve security by giving complete control and visibility of all IT devices, with real-time insight into device health, including information on anti-virus and protection software. 

The company’s lifecycle management approach also helps minimise e-waste by collecting, refurbishing and reselling end of life IT devices. 

Three quarters (77%) of respondents agreed that e-waste and its impact on the environment is a concern for their business, with 71% admitting that the IT department is under pressure to be more sustainable. 

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