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Skywell, the first smart atmospheric water generator, is helping training provider MVRRS embark on the next stage of its sustainability journey

For ten years, MVRRS has provided bespoke business training in corporate and workplace sustainability from five regional offices in Wales, the North West, the South East and the Midlands. In addition to training on green policies, MVRRS delivers training on implementing initiatives to foster staff health and wellbeing.

Considering the company’s areas of expertise and commitment to sustainability – MVRRS won a Green Apple Award in 2017 – the choice of water cooler at its Newport head office was something of an embarrassment, mainly due to its use of plastics, as Finance Director Chris Churcher explains.

“A lot of the training we do through MVRRS is based around environmental sustainability and it’s a message we think is really important. The fact our cooler used plastic barrel refills and single use plastic cups didn’t sit comfortably at all. So, when we learned about a water cooler that could create water from thin air without any of the harmful plastic by-products, I felt it would complement our business beautifully,” he said.

The cooler he refers to is Sharp’s Skywell 5TE Atmospheric Water Generator, which really does turn office air into clean drinking water – up to 18 litres per day – through a seven-stage process of condensation, filtration, ultraviolet purification and ozone treatment. No plumbing is required; just a power supply.

As well as eliminating plastic waste from water barrels and plastic cups (and pollution and carbon emissions from their delivery), the Skywell provides a visual statement of MVRRS’s commitment to the environment, both to visitors and to the company’s followers on social media.

“It’s a great talking point with everyone who steps into our office,” explained Churcher. “We have also had our greatest ever engagement on social media, with over four and a half thousand likes. I think it’s because the product is so unique and so intriguing. We now have people interacting with our business who wouldn’t normally, which is fantastic.”

Smart water consumption
In addition to its environmental benefits, Skywell supports MVRRS’s commitment to staff welfare by encouraging the 20 employees who use it to maintain hydration levels throughout the day. An accompanying app allows them to create their own hydration profiles, with personalised daily targets and instant updates via the device’s 8-inch interactive touchscreen display.

“Keeping our brains hydrated keeps us productive, and because it encourages our staff to drink more water, they’re actually more productive, which is brilliant for our business. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in myself, but also in the amount of water our staff are drinking. The hydration profiles let them monitor their intake, so it’s really increasing staff wellbeing,” Churcher said.

He adds that information and statistics on the amount of plastic and mains water saved by using the Skywell will provide useful evidence of MVRRS’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability when it reapplies for a Green Apple Award.

“Green Apple Awards are credited to businesses that undertake global protection projects, so we’re going to do a three to six-month long project around Skywell. We’re already noticing amazing results on things like recycling,” he said.

Churcher added: “I can’t stress how pleased we are with Skywell. We’ll definitely be looking at getting more for our other offices.”