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Sustainability – Friends Electric

Mer, an electric vehicle (EV) charging company backed by Statkraft, Europe’s largest renewable energy provider, has been selected by Allstar Business Solutions to deliver charging points at its offices in Swindon and Walsall where employees and guests can charge their electric vehicles with 100% renewable energy from Mer.

Allstar, a provider of bespoke fuel cards and fleet management solutions, supports EV drivers with the Allstar One Electric card, which incorporates more than 5,700 electric charging points into its multi-brand network of refuelling stops, including Mer public EV chargers.

Tom Rowlands, MD of Global EV Solutions at Allstar, said: “While our mission is to support UK fleets in the transition to EVs, we also want to ensure we lead from within by equipping our staff and colleagues with onsite charging facilities at our offices. We’ve noticed a significant increase in electric and hybrid vehicles on our Company Car and Salary Sacrifice schemes and Mer is a great partner to ensure we’re ready for this shift.”

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