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SuperLeaders assemble to battle UK productivity crisis

Not for profit Be the Business has created its own squad of superheroes to help business leaders to understand themselves better and improve their business performance as a result.

The new campaign, supported by Facebook, encourages business leaders to take a  personality test, where you not only find out what type of SuperLeader you are, but are also advised on how to strengthen your leadership skills and improve the productivity of your business. This includes a host of recommended action plans, guides and advice for each personality.

Illustrated by iconic UK comic artist Rufus Dayglo – whose work includes Judge Dredd, The Gorillaz and Tank Girl – the characters are dramatisations of ‘real life’ business leader typologies formed from one of the most comprehensive segmentation studies of business leaders ever carried out in the UK.

The segmentation is built on demographic and firmographic information, as well as a survey of 1,427 business leaders which identified how individuals lead within their organisations, make decisions and access support when they need it.

Be the Business, the organisation behind the initiative, wanted to create a lighter  way for business owners to engage with these insights, and help them gain a deeper understanding of their own styles of leadership.

The SuperLeaders (and their alter egos) are:


  • The Determinator (Determined Driver). Every superteam needs a leader who can relentlessly drive performance forward, getting the best out of everyone around them. Networking and meeting the right people are seen as routes to success. Eighty two per cent agree that you can only be successful if you know the right people compared to the average of 44%.


  • Dr Know (Methodical Specialist). When danger strikes, Dr Know quickly identifies gaps in their knowledge, before becoming experts in their chosen subjects. They delegate decisions to those who they think have the skills to make them – 75% believe that direct reports can be better at making decisions compared to 45% average.


  • The Instinct (Intuitive Decider). Saving the day by making far-sighted snap decisions, The Instinct has the super self-confidence to make the best moves, fast. They value their gut instincts and feelings for the best way forward, with 80% agreeing they rely on intuition to make a final decision compared to an average of 59%.


  • Agent Action (Collective Adventurer). They deliberately search for new and exciting situations where they can lay it all on the line. Past defeats only make these leaders stronger as they hone their skills and make the perfect moves to snatch victory even when the odds are stacked against them. They value input and debate with people who hold different views and like challenge when they make decisions. Eighty six per cent believe that the best solutions come from diverse groups of people with different views compared with only 71% of the total sample.


  • Growth Rider (Culture Creator). When it comes to making the world a better place, Growth Rider knows that it matters most to lead by example. They truly care about making their superteam the best it can be.They do not believe that asking for help signals that you don’t know how to do your job (12% vs 39% average) and they are more likely than average (62% vs 48%) to have a DEI policy in place in their business.


  • Hivemind (Careful Collaborator). Hivemind brings together the forces of good to overcome even the mightiest foes. By combining the awesome abilities of the SuperLeaders, Hivemind ensures that the right powers are used together to win the day. This is the only group that are more likely to be women (53% female vs 41% average), less likely to be white British (49% vs 59% average) and more likely to be aged 30-39 (41% vs 30% average). They are very receptive to external support, believing resources and help can help them find the ‘right’ answer to business problems.

Anthony Impey, CEO of BetheBusiness, said: “I’ve always said that every business leader has superpowers, and our new quiz helps people identify what theirs are. Knowing what type of a leader you are is key to understanding how you operate with colleagues, how to better utilise your strengths and sometimes plug weaknesses. This in turn can improve efficiency and drive growth.

“The light-hearted and engaging SuperLeaders may seem as skin deep as their costumes, but they’re based on some of the most in-depth work on business leader behaviour undertaken in the UK. So while it’s engaging and fun, there’s real science behind these fantastic characters.”

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