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Successful pilot for Lumie lights

After a successful trial, Cambridge University Library will continue to use Lumie bright lights.

Lumie’s light therapy products are an established treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) but more people are using them for beating energy slumps throughout the day, especially if they work in a poorly lit environment.

Lumie Desklamps help users stay focused and alert
Lumie Desklamps help users stay focused and alert

Cambridge University Library piloted the Lumie bright lights from the start of the 2015/16 academic year. Visitors using Lumie Desklamp, a bright light that uses low energy LEDs, were invited to provide feedback on their experience and 85% of respondents gave overall positive feedback.

Users also said the Desklamp helped them to feel more alert (77%) and improved their concentration (73%). As a result of this positive feedback, Lumie is now donating the lights permanently to Cambridge University Library.

Over 40 Lumie Desklamps, which use low energy LEDs, are in place on study tables mainly on the north and therefore darker side of the Library to help students and researchers stay focused and alert while they study.

In addition, Lumie Brightspark, another bright light from the Lumie product range, is positioned in the Staff Tea Room to give employees a welcome boost as they relax in their break times.

Jonathan Cridland, CEO of Lumie, commented: “This project illustrates the power of bright light to boost levels of alertness and concentration, particularly in the darker winter months and less well-lit work spaces. Now Lumie Desklamp is a permanent fixture at Cambridge University Library, we hope many more students will be able to realise the benefits of light therapy for themselves.”

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