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Style your desk with a touch of Brilliance

Do you love your workspace? Ask around and you’ll find there aren’t many of us who can proudly claim our desks are an organised oasis of calm. Yet Avery believes having a clear and inspiring workspace plays an important role in working to the best of your ability. This belief is the driving force behind ‘Brilliance’, its new collection of desktop accessories.

The Brilliance range

Five accessories for an organised desk:

The Brilliance range is not only practical, it’s also designed with the latest interior styling trends in mind, featuring clean, contemporary white and vibrant blue. The collection includes five items to help you be more organised and productive at your desk:

  1. Brilliance letter trays
    Don’t let untidy paperwork clutter your workspace. Brilliance letter trays bring order and the latest fashion trends right to your desk. With specially positioned indentations along the base of the tray they are fully stackable with no risers needed. Each letter tray has a smart glossy finish and is incredibly durable, locking into place securely.
  2. Magazine rack
    Store what’s important with the Brilliance magazine racks. These are designed to be hardwearing, including sturdy sides and feet, plus a strong base that holds a wide range of documents, magazines and catalogues.
  3. Pen pot
    The Brilliance Pen Pot is the perfect accessory for any desk, it features sizeable compartments so that there is ample room to store pencils, pens, scissors and rulers. Small, well-made feet on the base help to secure the pot in place on your desk too.
  4. Accessory tray
    The Brilliance accessory tray not only looks great but is perfect for storing all those loose accessories that tend to build up on desks. The tray features two large compartments which can hold standard size post-it notes as well as smaller items such as drawing pins, staples, paper clips, erasers and USB sticks.
  5. Business card holder
    Giving and receiving business cards is great but storing them neatly can be tricky. That’s why Avery has introduced a business card holder to the collection. The Brilliance Business Card Holder can store up to 100 business cards without tipping over and its dipped front gives better visibility and easy card retrieval.

With the Avery Brilliance collection, you can create a unique storage set up that works for your space, helping to keep you calm and organised.

Why the Brilliance range works:

  • Over 67% of employees admitted to wishing they could style their own desks and said they’d be far more productive if they were able to do this.
  • The home office is also becoming more of a necessity than ever before, with flexible working hours and hot desks in the office becoming a trend
  • The number of home offices is on the rise with people starting their own businesses and looking for products that not only look great, but add value to their productivity and organisation.
  • Colour is in! Strong block colours are forecast to trend 2018/19, with colour being scientifically proven to improve productivity and boost your mood.

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