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Strength in width

Epson takes business inkjets to next level with 100ppm colour MFP


At CeBIT on March 20, Epson
significantly strengthened its business inkjet offering with the launch of two high speed colour A3 inkjet MFPs designed for busy enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses that have regular spikes in print volume.

Underlining its growing reputation as a provider of enterprise print solutions, Epson was also showing a new RIPS device with an expanded ink capacity of 84,000 pages, compared to 75,000 pages on previous RIPS models, and its extraordinary PaperLab paper-making machine, shown in Europe for the first time.

New printhead
When business inkjets were introduced much was made of their potential for very high speed colour printing.

Epson has delivered on this promise by replacing the serial printhead used on its existing devices with one that covers the entire width of a page. Like HP’s PageWide technology, this has enabled Epson to increase print speed significantly, to 100 pages per minute on the WorkForce Enterprise WF-C20590 and to 75ppm on the WF-C17590. Even when printing on both sides of the page, output is an impressive 60ppm.

Epson’s existing serial business inkjet devices have a top speed of 34ppm draft and 24ppm ISO.

By meeting the productivity needs of larger organisations, the company’s faster Workforce Enterprise MFPs have the potential to extend the appeal of business inkjets to markets in which productivity will always trump criteria in which business inkjets have traditionally had an advantage, such as energy efficiency and sustainability.

Epson is positioning its new devices as productive, reliable alternatives to 55ppm colour laser copiers that also consume significantly less power and generate significantly less waste than toner devices.

Dan Wogan, Epson UK product manager for managed print and solutions, said: “Because of the technology they use, these MFPs retain the key selling points of our RIPS devices – minimal waste, minimal interventions and very low power consumption. Even though it’s a 100ppm MFP, it has a maximum power consumption of about 320W. Even a desktop A4 colour laser will pull 900W when it is printing. So, printing at 100ppm it still uses one third of the electricity of a 25ppm desktop laser.


The new MFPs will be available in June and are compatible with a wide range of solutions, such as Email Print for Enterprise, Epson Print Admin and Document Capture Pro. Options include a WorkFlow Enterprise Finisher unit and a 4,000-sheet stapler and stacker.

RIPS expansion
Epson was also showing its latest RIPS model, the 35ppm A3 WorkForce Pro WF-C869RDTWF. RIPS business inkjets, available exclusively from Epson copier dealers, come with extra-large ink tanks that contain enough ink for 75,000 pages. On the WF-C869RDTWF, Epson has increased capacity to 86,000 pages for black and 84,000 pages for each of the colours.

Having such a large ink supply reduces the servicing requirements for managed service providers, while maximising machine availability for their customers.

Peter Silcock, Epson UK business manager for business imaging, said: “A lot of businesses get really frustrated with the lack of productivity you get with certain types of device, particularly laser printers where you’re constantly changing cartridges or the printers are down because they need a new drum or fuser unit. The beauty of these products is that they take away all that worry and make it really simple for users.”

Like other WorkForce Pro models, the WF-C869RDTWF has impressive environmental credentials including a 95% saving on energy and 99% less waste from supplies packaging.

Make your own paper
The third highlight of Epson’s stand was the remarkable PaperLab, which turns a business’s waste paper into printable paper using a dry process that requires almost no water and, importantly, no mains water supply.

Capable of producing thousands of sheets a day, the compact unit shreds waste paper and turns it into recycled printer paper of varying size and thickness. Paper can be coloured and even scented.

Talking about PaperLab at CeBIT 2017, Epson global president Mr Minoru Usui said: “We plan to start selling PaperLab in Europe by the Autumn of 2018. Our aim is to create a new office printing ecosystem where customers can enjoy high-speed inkjet printers using paper recycled by PaperLab.”

He added: “My vision is for a world in which you can print and then recycle all the paper you want. One day I hope we can develop PaperLabs of all sizes and see them used in factories, in offices and even in your home.”

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