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James Cropper Co. Recycling Paper cups into sketch pads

Specialist papermaker James Cropper is helping to divert some of the estimated 2.5 billion takeaway cups thrown away in the UK each year, by making an 80% recycled cartridge paper from used coffee cups. Produced using Cropper’s own CupCycling technology, the world’s first process dedicated to upcycling single-use coffee cups, the 140gsm paper is being used in a range of cartridge sketch pads created for Seawhite of Brighton, a supplier of sketch books, pads and other art materials.

James Cropper has been supplying the family owned business with cartridge paper for 15 years and says the recycled paper used in CupCycling Cartridge pads has the body and tooth to work well with a wide range of media and techniques, making them particularly suitable for artists and students. Richard Burnett, market sector manager at James Cropper, said: “To date, we have recycled over 100 million coffee cups at our CupCycling facility. However, we have the capacity to convert up to 500 million per year into papers and packaging. Partnerships with companies such as Seawhite of Brighton prove that circular design has a firm place and presents a viable option in many industries.”

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