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Stationers’ Company Warrants deadline approaching

Businesses in the paper, print, publishing, packaging, office products, newspaper, broadcasting and online media industries now have less than two weeks to apply for a 2022 Stationers’ Company Warrant before the closing date of 30 November 2021. 
Applications can be submitted on the Stationers’ Company website,, or by requesting an Application Form from the Chair of the Warrants Committee, Mrs Chris Geer, at
Awarded by The Stationers’ Company, the City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content industries, a Stationers’ Company Warrant is a mark of quality that can be very helpful in boosting domestic and international sales.
Nigel Busby, Managing Director of Incontrol Marketing, said: “Sometimes it’s just nice to get some recognition for the hard and hopefully good work that you and your team do. I’m very pleasantly surprised at just how much kudos you get from the award of the Warrant, and then you realise the luminaries that have trodden the path before you, so we are truly standing on the shoulders of giants. Thanks to everyone involved, a great honour.”
Iain Bullock, Managing Director of Renz (UK) Ltd, commented: “Being awarded a Stationers’ Warrant for the Renz AIR2COLOR Air Quality Meter raised the profile and volume of sales for this new product venture from Renz considerably. Of course, we proudly added the Stationers Company Warrant Seal to all our marketing collateral immediately, which added considerable kudos to the product. Our overseas sales were certainly boosted by this impressive seal of credibility from the UK.”
Lewis Stevenson, Managing Director of Leeming Brothers, said: “Being awarded the Stationers’ Warrant of Excellence was a big deal to Leeming Brothers. Aside from receiving the recognition of our abilities in print, which was great on its own, it has also helped us on a business level. It is a point that we mention to our customers and is included on our website and on our emails. When customers see that we are award-winning, and especially an award that has been given to us by the Stationers’ Company who are seen to be an authority on print in general, it gives them more confidence that we are masters of our craft and can be trusted to produce a fantastic job for them. Whether it be corporate, personal or wedding work, it has helped us secure more clients across all of these fields.”
Chris Geer, Chair of the Stationers’ Warrants Committee, said: “It is good to be able to recognise top quality products and services throughout the Communications and Content Industry and to know that the Stationers’ Warrants in themselves are of benefit to the recipients.

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