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Sound advice.

New EPOS report suggests sound quality is the key to successful hybrid working

How do you ensure that hybrid working – that soon-to-be familiar mix of remote and office-based working – is achieved without any drop-off in productivity and professionalism? The answer, according to the latest Understanding Sound Experiences report from audio brand EPOS, is to equip employees with appropriate audio and video equipment so that they can communicate clearly, with ease and without interruption, from any location. 

EPOS’ study suggests that too many workers are still struggling to hear and to make themselves heard despite growing familiarity with remote working set-ups and the easy availability of noise-cancelling headsets. On average, workers report losing 31 minutes a week due to poor audio, up from 29 minutes a week in 2020. 

EPOS Capture 5_lifestyle_
EPOS Capture 5_lifestyle_

Across the board, from managers to employees, the consensus is that high quality audio solutions are needed to make hybrid working a success: 

*61% of end users say having the right technology helps them appear professional; 

*64% say it enables them to capture critical information; 

*71% of decision-makers believe better sound quality helps win pitches; 

*60% believe it helps them retain clients. 

Flip the coin and there is clear evidence that poor audio has a correspondingly negative impact, with 83% of decision-makers claiming that it has created real problems for their company in the past 12 months, including dissatisfied clients (cited by 20%), loss of income from carrying out a task incorrectly (17%) and loss of a key deal or contract (15%). 

EPOS EXPAND Capture 5_B2
EPOS EXPAND Capture 5_B2

Sound quality is not just a performance issue; it also has a bearing on staff wellbeing, with 26% of employees complaining that poor audio has left them feeling frustrated, irritated or annoyed. Almost one in five (19%) says they have experienced moments of stress as a result.

Sound investment

Not surprisingly, 86% of the 2,500 survey respondents (from the US, UK, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore) are considering investing in new audio equipment in the year ahead. 

This is good news for EPOS, which is renowned for the sound quality of its headsets and speakerphones, and which has recently been expanding its product portfolio in interesting ways.

Highlights include: 

*the Adapt 200, the company’s first mid-market wireless Bluetooth headset certified for Microsoft Teams; 


*the Expand Vision 3T video bar, the company’s first video collaboration device, which is certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android and suitable for meetings of up to seven people; and 

*the Expand Capture 5, a speakerphone for Microsoft Teams Rooms that also captures and transcribes meeting audio. Thanks to built-in AI and enhanced voice pick-up, Capture 5 is able to identify different speakers and attribute transcribed comments to the right person. 

In addition to its headset and conferencing devices, EPOS has been developing apps and management software, like EPOS Manager provided free to every customer, that make it easier for IT departments to personalise settings and manage and administer a corporate headset estate. 

Whether you are equipping your employees with the tools they need to make a success of hybrid working for the first time or whether you are upgrading equipment bought in a panic before the first lockdown, don’t forget the importance of good sound quality to hybrid workers’ productivity, professionalism and wellbeing.


EPOS Aston Martin F1 Global Audio Partner
EPOS Aston Martin F1 Global Audio Partner

Winning formula 

Aston Martin’s return to the F1 track after an absence of more than 60 years is being supported by EPOS, which, as Global Audio Partner, is providing the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team with cutting-edge sound and communication tools for use in the factory and beside the track. EPOS President Jeppe Dalberg-Larsen said: “Formula One today is about so much more than speed – it’s about unleashing human potential through technology, innovation and state-of-the art engineering – pillars that are at the very heart of what we do at EPOS. More than in any other sport, Formula One demonstrates the importance of sound excellence and that seamless communication holds the power to enhance both team performance and individual achievement. We can’t wait to harness our shared expertise to mark a new era in Formula One racing.”

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