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Software Company from Liverpool have Fixed the Nation’s Problem with Returning to Work

Diskette ideas, a software company based in Liverpool, have identified a gap in the market to fix the nation’s problem with returning to work. Mr Phil Simmonds and Mr Jon Davies, have created their third successful start-up exit founders by launching Wundamail, a brand new asynchronous communication tool which will help employees return, and adapt, to the office environment. As a result, they have already reported a record-breaking week for sign-ups, which has led to over 50,000 new users across the globe.

A New Way of Working 

Wundamail promotes a brand new working environment, one which has yet to be explored in the workplace. The software gives employees the freedom to decide where they want to work, whether it’s remotely or in office. It’s automated daily, check-in tool solves a problem that Zoom cannot – it provides a communicative platform for remote and in-office teams, allowing an exciting opportunity for flexibility in the workforce while helping society return to the office and boost the economy. The nifty asynchronous communication tool allows employees to communicate from any location and stay in the loop.

A Gap in the Market 

Mr Phil Simmonds, CEO of Wundamail, said: “Everyone is struggling to adapt to the old way of working, understandably. That’s why we knew we had to do something to help. Zoom doesn’t work in the office, or for a 50/50 remote/office split – which is why we identified a unique gap to create a software which worked in both environments. Wundamail brings the best of both worlds.

He continued: “It’s imperative to get this shift in culture right, otherwise we could see further businesses collapse and mental health issues increase. We need to look after employees and give them an opportunity to work in a way which brings out their best work. That’s why Wundamail’s flexible software heightens employee productivity, promotes flexibility and increases employee well-being. It’s the future way of working.”

Asynchronous Communication Heightens Productivity

Wundamail ditches the assumption that only an office environment will boost productivity.  Unlike a synchronous communication platform, Wundamail’s flexible software gives employees the freedom to achieve deep work in any environment, instead of spending valuable time communicating rather than working. Wundamail removes the continuous stream of distractions through it’s daily check-in tool, as employees can respond in their own time. Responses are later collated and circulated into a daily compilation, for all to see.

Manage Notifications 

Wundamail’s daily check-in tool gives employees control over their communication and working day, as they can expect the check-in to arrive in their inbox at the same time every single day. Employees have enough time to gather their responses and base their tasks around the asynchronous communication method. It works for both employees and managers — giving them both flexibility and control to ask the all-important questions, reply and later collate the responses. This communication style, while less frequent, gives higher quality communication within teams. Responses will be thought out, structured and meaningful — wherever employees are based.

Mr Simmonds argues it’s a great time to work at Wundamail, whose Liverpool HQ is the Tea Factory on Fleet Street. “we  quickly realised that everyone needs to have a tool like Wundamail to manage their employees from any location,” Simmonds says. “I think from that perspective, we feel very proud. As a Liverpool business, it’s great to be able to contribute to how teams across the globe are responding to the impacts of the crisis”.

About Wundamail  

Wundamail is the simple, modern way to manage teams of every shape and size. By condensing group thinking into a single daily email, Wundamail empowers leaders, supports team members, and makes things simple for everyone. It delivers automatic team check-ins so you can keep your business productive from any environment.

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