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Software audit fears revealed

SAM (Software Asset Management) and IT managers are most afraid of being audited by Microsoft (75%), Oracle (53%) and SAP (33%), a survey by Snow Software reveals. In terms of audit activity, 68% of organisations questioned have been engaged by Microsoft in the last 12 months, 36% by SAP and 31% by IBM.

The top three causes of audit angst are the likelihood of an audit resulting in fines (29%), having to explain unbudgeted costs to management (19%) and the disruption caused to normal business operations (19%). To strengthen one’s position before a vendor audit review, the developer of SAM solutions advises organisations to:

1 Acknowledge the audit request as soon as possible – the worst thing you can do is to ignore the initial audit letter. A prompt response within a few days of receiving the audit letter will make what follows easier;

2 Discover as much as you can about the vendor you are being audited by – the best way to prepare for an audit is to know what’s required well in advance;

3 Perform a full inventory to discover all assets including hardware configuration, software deployments and usage; and 4 Compare the inventory against license entitlements and create effective license positions for all software vendors.

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