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Snom rethinks the desk phone with the launch of its new D8xx series

Snom, the globally established brand for modern IP telephony in business and industry, has launched its new range of IP business phones, the D8xx series.

The products were presented yesterday at a high-profile launch event in Berlin, at the Museum for Communication.

Turning the modern IP phone into a smart office nerve centre, all devices in the D8xx series offer HD audio quality – and some even have super wideband audio, a feature usually only found in recording studios.

Additional highlights include large, freely swivelling IPS displays and slim, high-quality casing made of anti-bacterial coated plastic.

Buyers will soon have freedom of choice with their firmware too – whether they want Linux or Android-based devices, both are available. Detachable cameras are also an option, depending on the model of phone and the customer’s requirement.

Snom collaborated with partners and experts at various design thinking workshops to develop different application scenarios, while always keeping its users’ needs in mind. This resulted in the development of a model series with features which suit every need and uphold exceptionally high-quality standards.

“We didn’t just want to develop any kind of upgrade,“ explains Florent Aubert, Head of Product Management at Snom. “After more than 20 years of experience in this field, it was time to fully rethink the desk phone and its functionality. Even adapting the audio quality required a lot of thinking. But it was worth it.”

The first devices of the Snom 8xx series will be available on the market from December 2021.

About Snom 

Founded in 1997 in Berlin, Snom started as a pioneer for professional voice over IP (VoIP) endpoints and solutions. Evolving into a globally recognised premium brand, Snom now designs and manufactures state-of-the-art IP phones, wireless DECT solutions and smart workplace technologies for the business and industrial sectors.

Snom’s product development strategy focuses entirely on market needs and the individual requirements of its customers and partners around the world. Snom is meeting the challenges of workplace mobility in all environments, from office or conference spaces, to creative studios, public administration buildings and demanding environments such as factories and hospitals.

Snom has local offices in Benelux, CIS, France, Italy, South Africa, Spain and the UK and has been part of the VTech Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of cordless telephones, since 2016. However, Snom still has full control over the entire manufacturing cycle of products and solutions developed in Germany, which are then distributed throughout the world via a network of 3500+ certified partners. Those working with Snom benefit from a dedicated partner programme, remote and on-site support services and a three-year warranty. All this makes Snom an impressive partner for any business.

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