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SMEs could cut tech costs by 46%, and save £36,000+ a year on other overheads, with refurbished devices and a WFH model

New research from Hoxton Macs has found that SMEs could save almost £40,000 a year on overheads alone when switching to a fully remote working model. And, companies looking to improve their green credentials will also be pleased to know that buying second-hand tech could shave 46% off their equipment spend.

  • Cost analysis shows that buying refurbished devices instead of new ones can reduce tech spending by as much as 46%

  • Businesses can also save between £15,074 and £36,333 a year, on average, on office rent, waste, and energy by switching to a remote or hybrid working model

Taking into account the average UK office rent per square foot, annual energy and waste collection costs, and a typical employee health spend per person, figures analysed by  show that SMEs with 10 employees could save an average of £15,074 a year by switching to a hybrid wfh/office model and downsizing their office space, and a staggering £36,333 by switching to a fully remote way of working. For larger SMEs, the savings would be even greater.

Depending on the model and grading of the devices used, businesses can also make massive savings when buying refurbished tech instead of new. Using the most popular business laptop models as examples, savings range between 20% and a staggering 67% when buying professionally refurbished laptops and MacBooks.

“More and more businesses are looking to go carbon-neutral, and buying refurbished tech can make a massive difference in your carbon footprint, without making concessions on business efficiency.” Says Ben Higgs, Founder of Hoxton Macs. “But of course, we know that sustainability isn’t the only thing people have in mind when they look at buying refurbished. For businesses looking to cut costs, it’s obvious that a professionally refurbished device is going to be a more budget-friendly choice than providing every team member with something brand new.”

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